Hardwell and Will Sparks team up for ‘Twisted’

From the pounding bassline to the catchy synth melodies, "Twisted" is a track that will leave listeners craving more.

Hardwell and Will Sparks
Hardwell and Will Sparks

Heavy hitters in dance music HARDWELL and Will Sparks have teamed up for the much awaited duet “Twisted.” The tune, which is currently available through Revealed Recordings, is a powerful jolt of adrenaline and keeps leading the big room techno revolution in dance music.

The Netherlands DJ and producer HARDWELL has been a well-known figure in the dance music community for more than ten years. He has had countless singles that have topped the charts and has performed to packed houses all over the world. Will Sparks, an Australian DJ and producer, has established himself in the scene by creating a subgenre of dance music that is affectionately named after his home country. He has performed on some of the most prestigious stages in the world, such as Ultra Music Festival, Creamfields, and Tomorrowland.

The Making of ‘Twisted’: Collaborating Across Continents

I’m a big fan of the direction that Will’s taking his sound. It perfectly fits what I’m doing right now, so after we talked about working together on a track, we decided to do something that would stand out in our sets. We both love the ‘Your Mind Is Twisted’ sample, which led us into creating this rework loaded with a dose of unrelenting dancefloor energy. – Hardwell

With the release of his album “REBELS NEVER DIE,” HARDWELL ended a break. With a world tour that included appearances at important venues and festivals throughout the world, he cemented his reputation as a platinum-selling DJ and producer.

HARDWELL took charge of the cultural transformation and led Will along for the trip. Sparks has demonstrated that he is prepared to further develop his sound and pursue a fresh perspective on the contemporary house and techno music genres that he has already contributed to revitalizing. With this epic contest of originality, talent, and self-assurance on “Twisted,” the narrative has gone full circle.

Hardwell and I had been chatting, he mentioned he loved the new direction of music I’ve taken over the past few years. Talks progressed, and the idea of collaborating came about. So we decided to come together to create a whole new meaning to big room techno. The sounds and impact this record provides, I’ve never played or heard before. Robbert is an incredible producer and engineer, it’s been amazing working together on this track!” – Will Sparks

Exploring Hardwell and Will Sparks’ High-Energy Big Room Techno Single and What’s to Come in Hardwell’s Forthcoming EP

“Twisted” is the ideal fusion of HARDWELL and Will Sparks’ distinctive sounds, creating a track that will appeal to both critics and fans. The two producers expertly overlay their creative prowess on a track that focuses on pounding basslines and a soaring lead synth, making it a certain festival staple. The two dance superpowers intend to enter 2023 with unstoppable momentum, and this collaboration will undoubtedly play a significant role in that.ouse and techno music genres that he has already contributed to revitalizing. With this epic contest of originality, talent, and self-assurance on “Twisted,” the narrative has gone full circle.

The release of “Twisted” by Hardwell and Will Sparks is an exciting teaser for fans eagerly anticipating the arrival of the “Hardwell presents Hardwell & Friends EP vol.4“. With this EP, Hardwell will showcase a collection of unreleased music from himself and other talented producers, including collaborations with the likes of Maddix, Sub Zero Project, Quintino, Holly James and more.

“Twisted” sets the tone for the EP, demonstrating Hardwell’s ability to push the boundaries of big room techno and delivering a unique sound that sets him apart from other producers in the genre. Fans can look forward to experiencing the full EP and the diverse range of tracks it will offer, but for now, “Twisted” will undoubtedly be a staple in dance clubs around the world.