How to watch Burning Man 2019 live stream

You can now see what's happening right now at the Burning Man 2019 thanks to this 24/7 live webcam

The Burning Man 2019 has installed a live webcam that is broadcasting what’s happening at the festival.

Burning Man is an art festival that runs from the 25th of August to the 3rd of September; 9 days in the middle of the desert in Nevada. The festival’s first edition took place in 1986 and now it includes performances, art installations, music, and partying. Attenders during the latest edition reached the 70,000 people, including celebrities, tech moguls, and everyone in between — attendees are known as Burners.

Money is banned at Burning Man, so the only way to obtain what’s needed is through barter or gifts. Another thing is that guests are asked to “leave no trace,” so everything attendees bring in, they must also bring out.

The festival’s name is not a random thing; during the Saturday evening, a ritual takes place where a wooden sculpture known as “the Man” will be burned.

Anyway, you can check what’s going on in the playa below. Burning Man is live streaming the 2019 festival area; check here.

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