How Tomorrowland 2022 treasure case looks like and how to track the shipping

The first Tomorrowland 2022 treasure cases have arrived. Let's find out how the look, what's inside and how to track the shipping if yours have yet to arrive

Tomorrowland 2022
Tomorrowland 2022

Tomorrowland 2022 is just around the corner and, while the constructions at the festival ground and at the mainstage are ongoing, treasure cases are on their way as well. Tomorrowland is unique for tons of aspects and one of them is surely the festival’s tickets; they are in fact wonderful bracelets with an RFID inside that let you load pearls (Tomorrowland currency) that will let you buy stuff cashless. If you’re curious about Tomorrowland’s prices, here it is our Tomorrowland price list to get you an idea about the actual money to pearls conversion.

Images are blurred on purpose. You can click on it to un-blur. If you do not want to see them and keep the magic until the festival begins close this article and don’t scroll further.

Tomorrowland 2022 treasure case; how they look like

2022 is a special edition as it’s the first time the Tomorrowland festival will last three consecutive weekends. It is also the first edition after the pandemic. This year’s theme is The Reflection Of Love and everything follows this mood, including the treasure case.

Tomorrowland 2022 treasure case with bracelet
Tomorrowland 2022 treasure case with bracelet

As you can see from the first image, this year’s treasure case includes a compass and an old sun clock. Don’t be fooled by the MMXX as the cases were produced back for the 2020 edition, canceled because of the pandemic.

Tomorrowland 2022 treasure case sun clock
Tomorrowland 2022 treasure case sun clock

Is your treasure case still not arrived? How to track it at your national mail service

Even if the first parcels are arriving, there are still tons of people anxiously awaiting their treasure case. You can track it at your national mail service but it will work only if you are able to track your package on bpost tracking using your Tomorrowland OrderID + Postcode.

  • Use this URL and replace ORDERID and POSTCODE with your own info ->
    • i.e.
  • You should now see a lot of text on your screen, search for the following phrase (CTRL+F on Windows or copy-paste the text into a text editor and use the in-built search function):
    • Copy the barcode number that is shown just after the word above
  • Track your treasure case again using the barcode from above on bpost tracking
    • Click on “Parcel details” and copy the “Barcode sender” (example: CD123456789BE)
  • Go to your national mail service and track your treasure case using this barcode