Innellea Picture Diynamic

Innellea debuts on Diynamic Music with 6-track EP ‘Picture’

Innellea’s Picture entry is a highly expressive work in which he puts his deepest thoughts and emotions on display

Diynamic has tapped melodic tech titan Innellea to explore the depths of his musicality for the latest installment of its Picture series—which has arrived on digital shelves today. The resulting six compositions not only captured the producer’s expansive range but also served as an entry point for the producer into the vocal and songwriting arena.

Hosting the ninth edition of Diynamic’s „Picture“ series, the Munich-based live-act, DJ, and producer is bringing the influence of his melancholic club soundscapes that might best be described as a mix of cinematic and post-apocalyptic, combined with the soulful vocals of Nala Tessloff. The result of this is an intimate listening experience, that hovers somewhere between wanting isolation and the desire to connect.


Having written this record during a particularly tumultuous time period, Innellea’s Picture entry is a highly expressive work in which he puts his deepest thoughts and emotions on display. “Forced To Bend,” for example, uses lyrics like “Hold on to your scent, do not force yourself to bend” to convey Innellea’s feelings of inner turmoil when it comes to being one’s true self—and his conclusion that we must stand strong in the face of forced conformity. Aggressive synth work and tribal drum patterns mixed with its gentle vocals offer a sonic reinforcement of this inner conflict, and ultimate encouragement to keep fighting.

Forced To Bend is the first of several pieces addressing the world today. The long and cinematic lines oppose the melancholic vocal that flows into a minimal and clean plucked theme. In Electricity, Innellea contemplates modern society’s addiction to smartphones over bursts of gritty, electro-tinged synths and throbbing basslines. Red Thread, featuring Nala Tessloff on vocal duty, addresses his fear over the looming threat of climate change. His poignant lyrics are accented by a stark, melancholic progression and soft pads that accentuate the closing track’s emotive nature.

Innellea returns to his roots of self-expression sans lyrics as well. Sorrow sees him traveling to a new sonic realm in both its high tempo and its ethereal breakbeat styling. Mar’s Moon is a proper club cut, suited for heads-down moments on the dancefloor with its running synth lines, shadowy melodies, and tense breakdown that leads into a powerful climax. Likewise, Catanacean errs toward the dark side in its four-four construction, yet takes on a more organic feel through its focus on electric guitar and breathy vocal clips. The record as a whole effectively communicates Innellea’s own uncertainty about the future ahead, and resolve to keep pushing forward.

This willingness to be vulnerably paired with the expert instrumental arrangement are two leading factors in Innellea’s global success. Labeled as 2017’s “Best Newcomer” by the prolific Groove Magazine, the artist’s career has skyrocketed in recent years. He’s clocked in numerous releases on Tale Of Us’ Afterlife, played a cameo on Innervisions in 2019, and has played world-renowned venues like Printworks and Hï Ibiza. His talents have also taken him around the world, with performances in Turkey, Dubai, Israel, and Cairo—to name a few.

Innellea – a neologism; created in reference to musical reinvention. Neither restrained nor bound by conventions, Innellea’s visions and impressions are visibly transferred into music. Influenced by melodic trends in electronic music he combined the roots of Techno in a very creative way and came up with his unique and abstract sound.

With his inaugural Diynamic release having been through one of its most cherished series, it’s clear that Innellea has a long and fruitful path ahead.