ION Festival 2023
ION Festival 2023

ION Festival to return in Albania after successful 2022 launch

ION Festival announces 2023 festival & line-up including Helena Hauff, Chaos In The CBD, HAAi

From September 6 through September 23, 2023, ION Festival will have its seven-day event in Dhrmi next to the Ionian Sea. Chaos In The CBD, Daniel Avery, Dixon, DJ Seinfeld, DJ Stingray, Francesco Del Garda, Gene On Earth, HAAi, Helena Hauff, Laurine, Nicolas Lutz, Otik, Sam Bangura, Sonja Moonear, Storm Mollison, and numerous other artists are among the first acts to be revealed.

These musicians won’t be subject to the time restraints of a conventional festival because they will perform many sets during the course of the week. The performers will be given the flexibility to try new things and push the boundaries of their trade. The outcome? As you go across unfamiliar territory, dancing through a domain few have even had the chance to walk, an endless electronic soundtrack will accompany your journey.

ION Festival stunning location: Albania

With ION, the festival experience is expanded to 3000 like-minded people who share a passion for music and exploration. Building on the foundation of ION’s spectacular 2022 premiere, the team has already started. It only makes natural that we follow suit as the performances push limits and our travelers widen their experiences. The 2022 debut was only the beginning, and ION will continue to push the limits of what is possible at music festivals. Your main worry will be which stage you’ll dance at the most because the site is being improved to enable even deeper investigation and connectivity.

The festival will be held by the Ionian Sea, on the periphery of Europe, where unspoiled sands and crystal-clear, unpolluted waters are present. The deep greens of the Ceraunian mountains towering over the location act as a backdrop for the utopian beach settings, emphasizing the feel of the remote landscape.

ION Festival stages

As you move to the music reverberating through The Canyon’s wide-open dunes, take in the attraction of our distinctive stages. You can enjoy the paradisiacal surroundings while dancing the day away at the Gjipe Beach location.

There will be outdoor sanctuaries at The Main Stage and The Deck. As waves break against each stage and the dancing goes on into the early hours of the morning, our attendees will experience the summer night breeze gradually transforming into the warm embrace of the morning light.

Move freely in the darkness of The Bunker’s depths while the music immerses your senses. The labyrinthine passages and concave area of concrete pillars create an experience unlike any other.

Ease your body and mind with several new experiences besides dancing

A week-long renovation timetable will be part of the festival. This covers breathing exercises, yoga, and other things. Anyone, regardless of background or expertise, will be able to reserve the chance to realign themselves.

Tickets will be made available to 2022 bookers only beginning on Thursday, December 8. The following day, those who registered via the ION website would have the chance to reserve their spot at ION Festival (Friday 9th December). They strongly advise making your reservation as early as possible if you want to get the most affordable packages and lodging options close to the festival site and the beach. Tickets will be sold with a £75 deposit.

Visit the ION Festival website or follow them on Instagram to get tickets and stay up to date on the lineup.