Albania’s ION festival launch ticket sales for 2022 debut edition

Dhërmi, Albania beach drone
Dhërmi, Albania beach drone

ION is a different kind of music festival, with no festival barriers. Ticket holders are pushed to explore as they please and create a pure holiday experience.

Set in a remote part of the world on the outskirts of Europe, the ION festival is located in the same Mediterranean region as Corfu and Southeast Italy, with temperatures averaging 25°C in September. The stunning Albanian coastline, which runs along the Ionian Sea and is pressed against a pebbly beach and transparent ocean water, dominates the festival site. The part that really adds to ION’s incredible setting is that it’s directly under the imposing green Ceraunian mountains that only adds to the scenic nature of the festival which feels totally cut off from the rest of the world.

A variety of stages and experiences will be strewn about the festival grounds. Currently, five stages have been announced across the festival grounds, with additional experiences available only by boat along the coast. These are going to be some of the week’s most memorable moments.

When we are started to bring our vision for ION Festival to life, we wanted to make sure each music location had its own, unique vibe with a distinct music programme to match.

From the open-air hedonism of our Main Stage and The Deck, to the depths of The Bunker, the intimacy of The Cove, to The Yacht Club’s slick terrace, we feel we have fine-tuned our lineup with exceptional attention to detail. And that’s all before we get to the additional experiences that we know will provide some of the most incredible spots to experience electronic music anywhere in the world.

We hope you can all join us in this stunning location that we are extremely fortunate to call home this September. – Jeff Gray

ION’s festival stages.

The Main Stage will be an open-air haven, a safe harbor set into a private cove. Dancers who are lucky enough can keep moving until the early hours of the morning when the warm sunrise spreads across the area.

The Bunker will be kept out of sight of prying eyes. The more atmospheric buildings on the site have a cavernous indoor space with blasted concrete pillars and a labyrinthine of passageways.

For those lazy cocktail-fueled days and balmy nights, The Deck is the place to be. This beachside stage is a spacious outdoor area in which to enjoy the music of those selectors who know how to soundtrack summer memories.

The Cove is a secluded, sand-filled haven on the water’s edge. This stage transforms from a chilled-out sun trap to dance central as the afternoon heat gives way to night-time hedonism.

Festival-goers can dance into the early hours and enjoy the epic panorama view of the coast from this slick, modern terrace, which sits atop a rocky outcrop overlooking the Ionian.

The team behind ION is no stranger to putting on a good party, best known for Junction 2 festival, the team at LWE has slowly risen through the ranks from club promoters to major festival event organizers. Now, ION is the crown jewel, attracting visitors from all over the world for one hedonistic week in a brand new location.

It will be a week filled with new encounters and 3,000 like-minded friends for everyone who chooses to come to ION for this extended summer party, which will be soundtracked by electronic music’s best artists.

Tickets are available via ION’s website.

Dhërmi, Albania beach
Dhërmi, Albania beach