Youtuber group Mates presents Jayden ‘This Time’ ft. Celine Farach & Matluck


Italian Youtuber group Mates land on the dance music scene with Jayden new single ‘This Time’ feat. Celine Farach & Matluck.

Jayden This Time Mates YouTube Celine Farach MatluckVegas, Surry, Anima, St3pNy a.k.a. Mates are a group of four Italian YouTuber who have taken over the platform in the past years. With more than 15 million followers (in total) on Instagram and YouTube, Mates can be easily considered the leading Youtube (and not only) entertaining community in Italy.

Not only YouTube, the Mates team, in the past, has hosted a TV show on SKY as well as live performances around Italy. Now, with the addition of Jayden, known to be the five Mates’ start, the group has decided to land on the dance music industry.

‘This Time’ is Jayden’s new single; it features the incredible voice of Celine Farach & Matluck. Filled with pop-oriented and eclectic top-melody and a great bubbling bassline, ‘This Time’ drops in an electronic radio-friendly drop. The main melody will stick in your head in zero-time bringing the listeners to a magical journey.

Jayden ‘This Time’ is currently the third spot of Youtube Italian trending with almost a million plays in a weekend. The track now counts on Spotify almost 50k plays in the same period of time.

Jayden, Celine Farach & Matluck

Jayden is a producer and showman. JD’s identity is hidden under a Panda which will be hard to forget. A tale that you’ll want to live in the first person. Creativity, emotions and a lot of craziness in the adventure of this new player in the dance/pop international scene.

Matluck is not new to our blog. You know him, for sure, because of the massive collaboration with Protocol Boss Nicky Romero and his ‘Rise. He also released under Martin Garrix’ STMPD with ‘Try Not To Love’ Dzeko and Aspyer.

Celine Farach is a young American singer star-to-be in the entertainment world with over 1,2 million followers on Instagram.

Jayden ‘This Time’ music video

Because a great track can’t come out without a proper music video, Mates and Jayden showcase a top quality production.

n the first music video Jayden wants to tell about the world of dreams and everything related: who are the best dreamers? Children, who live in a reality where everything is possible and love is something that you feel and express every day, without a real motive and so it becomes unconditional. Without prejudice towards others and without limits imposed by society.

You can save the track on Spotify or iTunes or simply stream the video clip below via YouTube.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text][/vc_column_text][vc_video link=”” align=”center”][/vc_column][/vc_row]