Jon Gurd lands on Last Night On Earth with ‘After It All’ EP


Jon Gurd lands on Sasha imprint Last Night On Earth with an outstanding 4-track ‘After It All’ EP.

Next up on Sasha’s Last Night On Earth is Jon Gurd with a stellar new four-track EP, “After It All“. The British composer, with this EP, has built an incredible sensorial experience that is absolutely worth the honor of the LNOE debut.

jon gurd after it allNow” is a deep, heart-felt mystical ride carried along by a deliciously drawn out bottom line, wonderfully evolving strings and pads joined by wispy vocals. Driven by a solid kick the track is alleviated by the introduction of improvised synth chimes and added percussion.

Without a doubt, the chunkiest track on the EP has to be “For Us“. The strong thud of a kick drum sits dominant on top a quiet mass of layered drums until dropping out, making way for a growth of delayed stabs, arpeggiated undertones, and lush leads. Building in atmosphere, we crescendo as kick falls back in to place. A technical masterpiece on the manipulation of feelings through sound.

I’m Going Home” carries the same unconventional electro-style kick pattern the rest of the EP champions. However, the premise of this track is built upon its growth, fattening up through delicately placed melodic synth textures, blankets of extraordinary percussion and pitchy panned vocals.

Last up is title track “After It All“, a deep, emotive journey filled with beautifully played key progressions, muted broken beats, organic percussion and an orchestral modulated loop.

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