JP Candela & Robbie Rivera Morenita

Cartel Recordings presents JP Candela & Robbie Rivera with Morenita

It’s been over two months since the last release of Cartel Recordings. The collaborative label by Kryder and Tom Staar. Cartel has released, during his short life, already six crazy tunes.

As the name suggest, Cartel Recordings has as a goal to find out and release the more tribal/groovy/latino stuff.

With the approach of the Miami Music Week, it was almost taken for granted the release of new music. End of proof, a few minutes ago, two new tunes have appeared on their Soundcloud.

‘Morenita’ is the name of the track and JP Candela & Robbie Rivera are the producers behind it. It will be out April 10th.

The track is in two version: the classic Original Mix and the Simon Kidzoo & Mike Mendo’s Remix.

The Groove Cartel environment knows very well the tune. Kryder played it so many times in his Kryteria and during his gigs.

You can stream both tracks below: