Revuelta Records Jude & Frank Styline Mojavee Pina Colada

Jude & Frank imprint Revuelta Records debut with “Pina Colada”

Born from years of experience in the groovy field, Revuelta Records is Jude & Frank‘s imprint label which debuts with a massive collaboration between label bosses, Mr. Styline and Mojavee called “Pina Colada.”

Jude & Frank is an Italian house duo active in the international house music scene. Their music is strongly influenced by Latin vibes, disco and funky house sounds and all that’s “Groovin”. In 2016 they released several tunes on top labels in the house spectrum such as Armada Music, Big Beat (Atlantic Records), Sosumi Records, Staar Traxx. In 2016 their track La Luna, released by PornoStar Records and licensed on Armada Music, reached the #1 Position on Beatport Overall Chart and has been supported by Pete Tong on BBC Radio 1 Essential Selection!

Styline needs no introduction. Thanks to his high-quality groovy tracks he was featured on the blog several times (check his previous tunes here, here, and here). We have asked him a couple of questions about this release:

Thinking back a bit, when did you first meet Jude & Frank? How did you guys end up working on this track together?

We first met during IMS last year coming together with a variety of the groove crew artists like Leandro Da Silva and we clicked right away. We kept in touch over WhatsApp from then on and then really caught up during ADE. It was there we fully decided it was time for us to work on a track together.

“Pina Colada” seems to be such a perfect fusion of both yours and Jude & Frank’s styles, can you talk about how you were able to combine those seamlessly?

The track needed to have key elements from each of our productions – the signature Jude & Frank groovy melodic, instrumental topline, and a Styline type low end which really bangs the club. It came together really nicely – a signature sax line that gets stuck in your head combined with a really pumping sound that is great for any occasion. It represents exactly the vibe when we first met in Ibiza.

What does it mean to you be the first release ever on Jude & Frank’s new label Revuelta Records?

Revuelta is a great fit. It’s a very signature release for them and a really big collaboration. Incredible theme and artwork, everything is really coming together, it’s a big release. Happy to bring it out!

How’s your next few months shaping up as we head towards Miami Music Week?

Really great! I’ve got official releases in February and March on PinkStar and Whore House, as well as a special bootleg that will drop next month. Quite a few other originals and collabs in the works and a lot of work has been going into fully establishing a home for the artists, music, and experience that Power House represents. 2018 is going to be a big year!

Last but not least, Mojavee, a super talented guy from Mexico, has taken part in the production of the track. “Pina Colada” is his first official release and we suggest you keep an eye on this guy for future tune 😉

Styline joins forces with Jude & Frank and Mojavee to deliver the saxy groove house banger “Pina Colada,” on Jude & Frank’s new imprint Revuelta Records.

Returning to talk about “Pina Colada,” it’s a sexy groove house banger full of summer and happy vibes. The track is immediately recognizable thanks to the amazing sax which drove the main melody. The sound of the four producers is perfectly mixed in “Pina Colada;” the signature Jude & Frank groovy, melodic, instrumental topline, and a Styline type low end will really bangs the club.

Released the 22nd of January, “Pina Colada” is out now exclusively on Beatport. You can, of course, stream it via the major streaming platform, as Spotify, checking below.