kirke presents new ambient/downtempo single ‘your eyes’

Danish DJ and producer kirke describes his feeling through his latest releases ‘your eyes’

‘your eyes’ is the brand new installment by Danish producer kirke who has put his feelings into music.

The tune was born by being apart for too long from the person kirke loves. He injected in the track all his feelings that turned into downtempo beats, ambient sounds, and soothing vibes.

I thought often about the feeling of first seeing her eyes when we reunited, and that was on my mind as I making this track. – kirke

‘your eyes’ features chill vibes, soothing long lines and ambient percussions making it the perfect tune to listen after a long day at work. The Danish producer now based in New York City has delivered a fresh and unique gem you’re going to enjoy for sure.

The tune is out now on kirke’s Soundcloud below. You can enjoy it on Groove Cartel’s Youtube channel too. We also suggest checking the previous kirke’s tune Transform Me here.