klahr felix pallas similarities axtone
klahr felix pallas similarities axtone

Klahr teams up with Felix Pallas for pop gem ‘Similarities’ on Axtone

We’ve talked about class ’97 Klahr as an emerging talent for a long time, and a lot of people still do; today he releases his edit of the Belgian synth-pop group Felix Pallas‘ track “Similarities”. If you haven’t listened to the song yet, take a listen to the original one:

Done? Good.

Now focus on our wonderboy edit: the mood, which in the original record is groovy and a bit funky, turns into an emotional one, thanks to the classic Klahr synths, both futuristic and retro. He managed to turn a good indie track into a potential retro-pop hit: the original structure remains almost unvaried, but the feelings transmitted are totally different.

After the amazing Dreaming Wild EP, Johannes may have the chance to establish as the next big thing in the dance music industry with this amazing record, which is out now on Axtone.

I’d also love to spend a few words for Jens Grönberg artwork, amazing as usual.