Kygo, Avicii and Sandro Cavazza ‘Forever Yours’ is finally here

Kygo remembers his first listen to the song describing that "it just felt special."

Played for the first time more than four years ago, Kygo and Sandro Cavazza decided to release the long-awaited Forever Yours being as much as possible true to Avicii’s original version.

Played for the first time by Avicii himself at Ultra Music Festival Miami 2016, Forever Yours has been one of the most-watched and awaited Tim’s ID, especially after last year Stockholm’s concert. The track has been played only a couple of times by Tim and, it has never seen the light of a release until Kygo and Sandro Cavazza decided to complete it.

As explained by Cavazza on a video posted on Facebook, the track was born during a USA tour with Tim; they reached a point where the track was ready to be played at Ultra Miami and so Avicii gave a spin during his set. Chance happened that Kygo heard the song from that exhibition and “just felt special. As explained by Kygo on the same video, his dream was to directly collaborate with Tim and Forever Yours it felt the closest he could get to collaborate with Tim.”

Even if the track is a tribute to Avicii, the two producers have tried to be more accurate as possible, keeping the original vibes that Tim injected in it. You can definitely feel the incredible Avicii’s composition skills in the melodic theme. Even if the vocal sounds melancholic and sad in a way, it doesn’t mean that the track could not sound happy. As explained by Kygo, they’ve tried to transmit hope through the track.

Surely, Kygo and Sandro Cavazza have done an amazing job delivering such a masterpiece in memory of Avicii and his legacy.

Kygo is also set to play a special sunset slot this March during Ultra Music Festival Miami and we won’t be surprised if he would bring Sandro Cavazza with him for an exclusive live version of the song.

Forever Yours (Avicii Tribute)