Lastlings drop ‘Holding Me Like Water’ on RÜFÜS DU SOL’s Rose Avenue

‘Holding Me Like Water’ is definitely one of the more vulnerable songs that we have made - Lastlings


The new track “Holding Me Like Water,” by the Japanese-Australian brother-and-sister electronic duo Lastlings, is out now on RÜFÜS DU SOL‘s Rose Avenue Records.

Intimate thoughts and beautiful language distinguish the duo as storytellers in “Holding Me Like Water,” the second song off their critically acclaimed debut album First Contact from 2020. ‘Holding Me Like Water’ is as captivating as its predecessor, ‘Get What You Want,’ with an enchanting indie dance backdrop complemented by Amy’s seductive vocals and light, rhythmic percussion. Lastlings’ sensitive and tender lyricism is a narrative of woe and heartbreak as it describes the closing moments of love. The duo continues to demonstrate their artistic development and maturity in “Holding Me Like Water,” which demonstrates their ability to seamlessly blend live and electronic elements.

About the song: Holding Me Like Water

‘Holding Me Like Water’ is definitely one of the more vulnerable songs that we have made. Amy wrote the song in 2022. It’s about a long-term relationship that is coming to an end. When that person has already let you go and you’re having trouble coming to terms with it. The way that they hold you just isn’t the same anymore and you just don’t want to believe it. The instrumental pre-dates “Get What You Want” and was one of the first explorations into the new era of music for us. Moving away from the usual four-on-the-floor type beat felt like a refreshing change to what we’re used to and gave Josh a chance to play with different arrangements and placements of the various synths throughout the track. – Lastlings

Lastlings’ debut album

Josh and Amy Dowdle, a brother and sister team from Japan and Australia, are known around the world for their upbeat live electronic show Lastlings. With their combined skills both on and off the stage, the duo has created a magnificent body of work with Josh’s indie electronic production and Amy’s melancholy lyricism and captivating vocals. The duo signed to Astralwerks and RÜFÜS DU SOL’s Rose Avenue after releasing two EPs to early critical acclaim. Their dynamic body of work brilliantly captured the duo’s contrast and took listeners on a cosmic journey with each release.

First Contact, their debut album, was partially written in the solitary silence of a snow-capped mansion in Japan and finished throughout Australia. First Contact, which has been released in 2020, examines the senses and feelings that come up when experiencing something for the first time. First Contact is most effectively heard and felt via the experiential lenses of a first encounter with love, a first taste of disappointment, and one’s first experience of optimism in a meaningless world. A diverse group of artists, including RÜFÜS DU SOL, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, LP Giobbi, and others, contributed an amazing bundle of remixes for the album.

The artist: Lastlings

Lastlings have collaborated with producers like SG Lewis and toured with heavy hitters like Glass Animals, Bob Moses, and Two Door Cinema Club. Josh on keys and guitar, a live drummer, and Amy on vocals make up their three-piece live show, which has inspired the duo to perform at renowned venues like Colorado’s Red Rocks, New York’s Forest Hills Stadium, Coachella’s DoLaB stage, 88 Rising’s Head In The Clouds festival, and sold-out headline shows across the US and Australia. They’ve published a lot of breathtaking live performance videos that were captured amid Australia’s breathtaking surroundings.

With the poignant narration of their most recent single, “Holding Me Like Water,” Lastlings ask fans to delve further into their upcoming story.