Listen Anjunadeep 15 Mixed By Jody Wisternoff & James Grant

To celebrate the label’s milestone 15th compilation, label boss James Grant and Bristol legend Jody Wisternoff have filmed a special live performance of Anjunadeep 15 from Katla Ice Cave, Iceland.

Anjunadeep 15
Anjunadeep 15

Anjunadeep 15, the much-anticipated new album in the main label compilation series, is now out. It was mixed by Bristolian DJ Jody Wisternoff and label co-founder and A&R James Grant.

Anjunadeep has seen heavyweights artists on its roster like Lane 8, Dusky, Yotto, Ben Böhmer, and Eli & Fur. Since the first compilation, “Anjunadeep 01,” came out in 2009, the V.A. series has shaped the sounds of each year and helped new electronic acts get their start.

Jody and James have put together two carefully crafted mixes of a wide range of melodic tracks for this year’s compilation. Luttrell, PROFF, 16BL, and Jon Gurd are friends of Anjunadeep and are on the compilation. So are upcoming stars like Parallel Voices, Karyendasoul, Sebastian Sellares, and Artemis Orion. They also use hits from Anjunabeats like Kasablanca, anamē, Darren Tate, and ANUQRAM, as well as slower Reflections tracks by Cephas Azariah, Talee, and Omfeel, showing off the full range of Anjuna sounds.

Curating ‘Anjunadeep 15’ has been a deeply rewarding journey. We spent months sifting through so much inspiring music, working until the 11th hour (the mix was delivered just a few days before release!) to tweak and shape every last track, not least our own collaborative remixes and productions. Our artists have outdone themselves once again.

The result is a two-disc collection that captures Anjunadeep’s current and future sound, with some favorites from Reflections and Anjunabeats featuring in the mix as well, highlighting the musical diversity within our artist community. We’re very proud of this one and hope you enjoy it. – James Grant & Jody Wisternoff

Anjunadeep 15 - Mixed By Jody Wisternoff & James Grant (Live from Iceland) [4K Sunset Mix]

Many of the artworks in the Anjunadeep compilation series are aerial photos of Iceland’s beautiful scenery. This gives the country a special connection to the series.

With that in mind, the label is thrilled to mark the 15th release in the series by recording a special live performance of the album with Jody and James in Iceland’s Katla Ice Cave.

Anjunadeep is one of the biggest independent labels in electronic music. It was started in 2005 by Above & Beyond, a duo nominated for a Grammy, and James Grant.

Anjunadeep continues to set the standard in the business with over 800 releases, a worldwide fan community, and a reputation for throwing parties that people will never forget.