The creators of Printworks present a new venue in London: DRUMSHEDS

A 15,000 CAPACITY SPACE TO OPEN THIS SEPTEMBER IN NORTH LONDON. Housed in a disused warehouse, DRUMSHEDS will be London’s largest culture space of its kind


DRUMSHEDS is a brand-new venue that spans an area of 608,000 square feet and has a capacity of 15,000 people in London.

It is being presented by Broadwick, the company behind Printworks; they have a core belief in the transformative power of live performance and a mission to always inspire, connect, and have huge impact through music, culture, and space.

The opening of DRUMSHEDS, which will take place in September of this year in a massive industrial warehouse, is anticipated to have more of an influence on London than anything else.

The location is going to be an extraordinary hybrid home for culture in London, with a carefully chosen program that will include music, arts, culture, and community.

DRUMSHEDS is the next step in the evolution of Broadwick, which is the team behind a number of award-winning venues, including Printworks, Beams, Depot Mayfield, and more. With this new venue, Broadwick aims to further solidify its position as a market leader in the events industry.

DRUMSHEDS London exterior
DRUMSHEDS London exterior

DRUMSHEDS new London venue program

The Broadwick Live division, which is known for providing one-of-a-kind experiences by means of outstanding line-ups and forward-thinking production and venue ingenuity, will be in charge of putting on the inaugural program of events. In the coming days, we will be announcing the opening schedule of cultural activities; in the meantime, you can join the DRUMSHEDS mailing list to stay informed of any new developments.

The new DRUMSHEDS location can be found in the expansive and wide warehouse that is located in the Meridian Water neighborhood of North London. Following on from its previous DRUMSHEDS space, Broadwick is changing the moniker into an entirely new concept (as well as a new location).

DRUMSHEDS is a startling environment that makes an indelible impression, and it spans a total of 608,000 square feet. The factory-style structure has the appearance of being created by machines and features soaring ceilings and large halls with the capacity to accommodate up to 15,000 visitors.


The new space will be under transformation in the next month

DRUMSHEDS will undergo ongoing reconfiguration and transformation in order to generate brand-new and interesting spatial landscapes. These spaces will then be populated with a wide variety of amazing material. The venue’s specifications and layout are adaptable, and it features hybrid zones that are pliable and can be reshaped to accommodate a variety of uses. It may be rented through the Spaces division of the corporation. There will be a variety of activities taking place, some examples of which are full set builds, fashion presentations, music events, and brand activations.

The distinct features and layout of the warehouse area will not be altered in any way. As visitors make their way around the remarkable area, they will get the opportunity to observe the historic lift shafts, loading bays, expansive floors, and machinery.

DRUMSHEDS London entrance
DRUMSHEDS London entrance

About Broadwick

Broadwick is responsible for the curation and creation of DRUMSHEDS, which is the largest and most ambitious venue that the talented team has ever attempted. Broadwick is driven to create real impact through pure yet powerful live experiences in distinctive locations that are home to communities and culture. Their portfolio includes some of the most amazing experience-led brands in the UK, such as Printworks, Beams, Field Day, and Depot Mayfield, amongst others. Broadwick will now bring their unparalleled skills to DRUMSHEDS after an extraordinarily successful six-year tenure at Printworks, which culminated in a final season that sold out in less than an hour. After this, Broadwick will move on to DRUMSHEDS.

Broadwick’s mission has always been to build brands that deliver unrivaled, live experiences that create real impact. We are proud to announce DRUMSHEDS, set to be London’s most impactful cultural space of its kind, set across 608,000 sqft in North London. We want Drumsheds, like all the spaces we create, to be new centres of cultural gravity that provide the basis for human connection. A connection that people crave now more than ever. – Simeon Aldred, Director of Strategy, Broadwick

Broadwick is unrivaled when it comes to successfully infusing new life into meantime spaces, as evidenced by the fact that they have locations such as Printworks, Depot Mayfield, and Beams.

Broadwick Spaces like Drumsheds are able to feature a diverse range of influential material thanks to the efforts of a successful organization that is intent on bringing about a revolution in the world of venue and entertainment space by adopting a strategy that is fluid and adaptable.

Inside DRUMSHEDS London
Inside DRUMSHEDS London

Printworks and its future

This idea has been demonstrated in locations such as Printworks, which held many of London’s most important cultural events throughout its tenure, from Fashion Week events (Raf Simmons, A Cold Wall, Mulberry) to the sold-out music seasons that welcomed The London Symphony and Aurora orchestras, live acts, DJs, dancers, and more. Fashion Week events included Raf Simmons, A Cold Wall, and Mulberry.

Music seasons included The London Symphony and Aurora orchestras. Over the course of its history, Printworks has welcomed a plethora of well-known musicians, DJs, and record labels, including Aphex Twin, Skepta, BICEP, Peggy Gou, Defected, Glitterbox, The Hydra, and thousands of others.

Printworks was also a pioneer in the daytime show concept, which aims to provide attendees with a safer and more accessible event experience. This concept will be reflected in the DRUMSHEDS program, which will be announced very shortly. Broadwick has plans to reopen Printworks in 2026, which has been shuttered while undergoing redevelopment along with the surrounding region.

Where is DRUMSHEDS and how to reach it?

Drumsheds will be conveniently accessible by tube, rail, and bus thanks to its location in the industrial Meridian Water zone of North London, which is only four minutes away from the Tottenham Hale station on the Victoria Line.

In addition to programs such as complimentary tickets for prior employees of the space so that they may enjoy the venue in its new iteration, Broadwick will be working with the local authorities on outreach to support the surrounding community with employment in the new space. This will be done to help the community find employment in the new space.

Follow @DRUMSHEDS on social media and sign up on Drumsheds’ official website to get exclusive news about their future program announcement. Soon, information will be released regarding the first season of events.