Afterlife Printworks
Afterlife Printworks

London Printworks to deliver the best event of the year

Special shows will include Anyma presents Genesys and MRAK presents We Don't Follow

Printworks London is preparing for one of the most-awaited events of the whole winter season: Afterlife. From Friday the 25th all the way to Sunday the 27th, Italian heavyweights, Tale Of Us will bring the iconic show to Printworks. This won’t be the usual event we’ve seen over the years. For the first time ever, Printworks will host the world premiere of Anyma’s and MRAK’s new shows.

The exclusive two performances will kick off on Friday with Matteo Milleri (Anyma) and Carmine Conte (MRAK) delivering their own musical vision to reunite at the end as Tale Of Us.

Anyma presents Genesys

Who’s Anyma? Anyma is Matteo Milleri’s brainchild, a project created as a result of his intense love of electronic music and his interest in both technology and digital art. The goal is to develop a special auditory and visual environment that will allow his artistic vision to freely develop.

Matteo’s goal is to perform a hybrid of digital and analog synthesis, DJing, and live performance. This is about fusing several worlds and experiences into one unique creative expression, just like Anyma itself. A comprehensive audiovisual performance will immerse the audience in 360-degree digital music and art.

You can anticipate Anyma’s new Genesys show to feature real-time graphics rendering with the boundaries between music, lights, and visuals – as well as reality and virtual – blurred in a never-seen-before immersive experience.

MRAK presents We Don’t Follow

As Anyma, MRAK is an extension of Tale Of Us where Carmine Conte is able to express and explore new ways of creating music. Warm, emotion, and deepness characterize the artist’s unique sonic identity. Spine-tingling feelings and carefully planned arrangements are intended to awaken your soul, in a journey that will have no equal.

Like the more well-known composer and multi-instrumentalist Vangelis, MRAK’s performance combines analog instruments, improvisation, modulation, and digital sequences. Audiences are submerged in a full acoustic experience as a result of MRAK’s cinematic element.

Tale Of Us then reunite for a special legacy show

Carmine Conte and Matteo Milleri, the owners of Afterlife Records and the formidable dance music duo known as Tale Of Us, have spent the last ten years perfecting their distinctive sound and forging a strong bond with a fiercely devoted global fanbase. To cap off the evening, Tale Of Us’ founding members will reunite to play a special Afterlife legacy set, after each member has performed their own show.

London’s electronic music cathedral: Printworks

The event is a first for the UK, with Printworks being the only venue in London capable of accommodating the level of production and audio visuals required for an Afterlife show. In a stunning, industrial setting, the original aesthetics, giant machines, and printing presses of the largest printing factory in Western Europe have been preserved for creative events.

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