How to Protect Your Ears during a music festival: Loop Earplugs x Tomorrowland

Music Festival Season is Calling - Protect Your Ears in Style with Loop x Tomorrowland 2024

2024 Loop x Tomorrowland Experience 2 Earplugs
2024 Loop x Tomorrowland Experience 2 Earplugs

As summer festival season approaches, music lovers everywhere are gearing up for a summer of epic live shows and unforgettable memories. But amid the thrills of stage diving and sing-alongs, it’s crucial to protect our ears from punishingly loud volumes. That’s where the innovative lifestyle brand Loop Earplugs comes in, once again joining forces with the iconic festival Tomorrowland for a special 2024 collaboration.

We’ve been active users of Loop’s earplug designs for years, rocking the 2023 Loop x Tomorrowland collab at last year’s festival. Those earplugs provided solid protection with 15dB of certified noise reduction. But the new 2024 co-branded model raises the bar even higher, leveraging Loop’s latest design updates for increased comfort and in-ear stability.

The 2024 Loop x Tomorrowland Experience 2 Earplugs boast an impressive filter noise of 17 dB (SNR), up from 15dB on last year’s model. That means better protection across a wider range of sound frequencies, allowing you to immerse yourself in every bass drop and vocals while avoiding ear ringing the next day.

But these earplugs aren’t just about superior hearing protection. They’re a fashion statement that dismantles the stigma around wearing earplugs at concerts. Rendered in sleek black and purple colorways inspired by Tomorrowland‘s signature aesthetics, the co-designed earplugs come packaged in a keepsake box featuring the festival’s iconic logo and symbols. From unboxing to the main stage, it’s an experience steeped in music magic.

According to the World Health Organization, over 1 billion young people globally are at risk of hearing loss due to excessive noise exposure. In the US alone, 3 out of 5 concertgoers experience that dreaded ear ringing afterward – and most simply accept it as normal. Loop is on a mission to change that mentality by making smart hearing protection cool, comfortable, and fashionable.

Tomorrowland is a huge part of my experience as a live music-lover, and it’s an honor to team up with them again to spread awareness and improve festival experiences for people around the world – said Loop co-founder Dimitri O.

His partner Maarten Bodewes adds, “Loop and Tomorrowland are a powerful combination because they bring the worlds of festival life and design-led wellness into the same conversation.

The limited-edition Loop x Tomorrowland Experience 2 Earplug sets will be available starting May 21st for $39.95/€34.95 online and at the Loop booth at Tomorrowland Festival happening July 19-29 in Boom, Belgium.

So get ready to experience the summer’s biggest music festivals louder and better than ever – all while prioritizing your hearing health for years of concert-going to come.

With Loop and Tomorrowland’s fresh co-branded design, stunning audio fidelity and certified protection, you can stay fashionably safe no matter how hard you rage.