Madeon Good Faith LP
Madeon Good Faith LP cover art

Madeon long-awaited ‘Good Faith LP’ is here

The LP is a journey that surely reflects his music vision. A great LP that is outside his usual pattern still staying true to Madeon's original sound.

Madeon is back with his brand new long-awaited 10-track Good Faith LP, after releasing All My Friends, Dream Dream Dream and Be Fine.

Considered by the most a musical genius, Madeon is finally back with his second album, following the release of Adventure in 2016. Expect a totally different sound from you’re used to hear, more mature where you can still hear Madeon’s signature sound with something else.

Kicking off with Dream Dream Dream, the LP continues with the two already released All My Friends and Be Mine. Nirvana is the first real new track, available from today. Starting with ambient sounds seems from a park, the tune features an incredible vocal rapidly followed by Madeon’s downtempo beat and unbelievable melodic lines. the track is completed with “videogames”-style sound-making Nirvana a true gem of the LP. Up next, Mania kicks off with a fast and rolling percussive rhythm to slow down into an intimate melody that rapidly increases its energy thanks to a catchy beat. On top of that, a vocal loop that perfectly blends with the kick and the rising arpeggio.

Miracle sets the middle point of Good Faith LP. With its soft and private vocal, the harmonies drive the record that jumps into, again, Madeon’s signature beat sound. No Fear No More switch in a way the vibes of the previous tune. A euphoric beat combined with a charming vocal guide the listeners to Hold Me Just Because. Again, a delicate and sooting vocal is blended with downtempo beats and special melodies. Heavy With Hoping follows the path of the previous record but with a more melancholy rhythm.

Borealis closes this piece of art with the right finale. The piano and the guitar mixed together are just perfect and, that increasing rolling rhythm is, again, a touch of class.

If you’re used to Adventure album or Schelter, Good Faith LP moves a little bit away from what sound preferring more intimate, soft and chill vibes. Madeon’s signature sound isn’t disappeared; it’s still there, in a new exciting shape.

Madeon’s Good Faith LP is a journey that surely reflects his music vision. A great LP that is outside his usual pattern still staying true to Madeon’s original sound.

The LP is currently available as vinyl or physical CD via Madeon’s official web site. You can also re-live his incredible 2 hours show in full video and audio here.