Marcus Schossow started new project Gardenstate with first release ‘Charon’

Marcus Schossow teamed up with Matthew Felner on a new musical project with the first release on Ruben de Ronde's imprint Statement!

Marcus Schossow Matthew Felner Gardenstate Charon

The respected and famous Swedish Dj, producer, label owner Marcus Schossow just started a new project; it’s called ‘Gardenstate’ together with his friend Matthew Felner. Their first release named ‘Charon’ came out on Ruben de Ronde’s record label Statement!. If you know and remember the sound of Marcu’s earliest work as ‘Chase My Rabbit’ you will know what this project gonna be all about. ‘Charon’ ripe with deep basslines, carefully crafted sound effects and remarkable melodies. It’s a top-notch progressive record in a wonderfully deep coating.

Marcus himself posted about this release on his Instagram:

‘I love doing and playing this kind of music. It challenges me and makes music fun again. It’s actually kinda funny, but when we play as Gardenstate in the clubs I can see people actually listening to what’s going on, not just drop after drop reaction. People actually have to use their brains and at the end of the music experience, they are taken to a new place inside their heads. The journey is the beauty of it!’

You can buy here and stream below.