Martin Garrix Mistaken Tomorrowland Winter 2019

Martin Garrix IDs (‘Mistaken’) at Tomorrowland Winter 2019

World number #1 DJ, Martin Garrix, closed Tomorrowland Winter 2019 delivering some new IDs including his own ‘Mistaken’.

It may sounds “mainstream” but, STMPD owner and #1 DJ in the world, Martin Garrix is turning his style is something more complex and far away from the pop releases you may expect. From his BYLAW EP to ‘High On Life’ the young DJ and producer has already demonstrated his dynamicity.

Premiered for the first time during his ANIMA show in Amsterdam during last year ADE, Martin Garrix ‘Mistaken’ seems to be his next single. featuring Martin signature sound, the tune drop in a very unexpected way. From the progressive and melodic breakdown, ‘Mistaken’ drop is a pure mix of energy. Huge kicks, wide baseline and a non-stop percussive rhythm make a pure festival destroyer.

Besides ‘Mistaken’, Martin Garrix dropped a couple of new STMPD releases as the new Dyro one or the collaboration between Seth Hills & Crime Zcene.

Martin Garrix full set at Tomorrowland Winter 2019 is on top of this article (you need a valid VK account to watch). ‘Mistaken’ sounds at around 40:00.