Mathame and Tiësto team up for new single ‘Feel Your Ghost’

Mathame press pic
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Amedeo Giovanelli and his brother Matteo, better known as Mathame, have teamed up with Tiësto to create a new single collaboration titled “Feel Your Ghost.”

Mathame and Tiësto ‘Feel Your Ghost’

The song ‘Feel Your Ghost‘ combines the future auditory vision of Mathame with the sleek distinctive sound of Tiësto, conjuring a sense of nostalgia for the rave culture of the 1990s. It has ethereal vocals paired with an echoing beat and a thumping bassline. Mathame, who have been Tiësto fans for a very long time, will feel as though they have come full circle with this collaboration.

The collaboration is the result of a couple of years of exchanging ideas about music and the past, present and future of electronic “dance.” It was at WMC Miami that the spark was lit when we got to hear Tiësto, who immediately fell in love with the idea of collaborating. In two days he completed the track and debuted it at Ultra, it was an incredible moment. – Mathame

Since Tiësto originally performed the record live during his historic set at Ultra Music Festival, Mathame has received tremendous fan support by performing the track at all of their recent gigs, including both weekends of their Coachella debut performance. Tiësto first introduced the record during his monumental set.

Tiijs Verwest, better known by his stage name Tiësto, has spent the previous two decades accumulating critical accolades, which include a Grammy victory, many nominations, and a forthcoming residency at Ushuaia in Ibiza. Tiësto is considered a cornerstone of the electronic music genre. The recently released album ‘Drive’ by Tiësto features collaborations with artists such as Karol G, Ava Max, Charli XCX, and Tate McRae, and it has amassed more than 4.4 billion streams.

Mathame’s universe is richer than ever

Feel Your Ghost joins Mathame’s broad repertoire of expressive soundscapes, as they continue to pioneer the cinematic techno genre and take their listeners on a roundabout sonic adventure. As Mathame continue to pioneer the cinematic techno genre and take their listeners on a roundabout audio journey, ‘Feel Your Ghost joins Mathame’s extensive repertoire of expressive soundscapes. Mathame continue to demonstrate the multifarious richness of their sound with recent releases such as the throbbing club track “To Hope,” the profoundly emotional “Come For You,” and the voluminously dark “So What.”

After the Mathame idea was conceived on the desolate slopes of Sicily’s Mt. Etna volcano, the brothers acquired huge global fame with the initial EP releases on Afterlife Records, including ‘Nothing Around Us,’ which was then followed by ‘Skywalking‘ and ‘For Every Forever.’ The duo channels their backgrounds as classical performers, film directors, electronic musicians, and traveling DJs in addition to deriving significant inspiration from works of science fiction. Recent highlights have included stage debuts at Coachella and Ultra Miami Resistance, and the band plays roughly 150 events per year. Upcoming appearances include ones at Brunch Electronik Madrid, Awakenings, Sonus, and more.

You can hear “Feel Your Ghost” by Mathame and Tiësto below.