Mathame Release Long Awaited Single ‘To Hope’

The latest single from Italian brothers Mathame, “To Hope,” is out now via Astralwerks. The infectious single exemplifies the captivating Mathame sound that has enthralled electronic music fans across the globe.

The song “To Hope,” which Mathame refers to as “their interpretation of a party music,” grows through winding synths and explodes with pulsating club energy, creating an upbeat and joyful atmosphere. In under two hours, Mathame produced the single in a hotel room in Tulum, showcasing both his technical mastery and creative brilliance.

With Mathame’s recent releases ‘Come For You’ demonstrating the duo’s intimate and emotional side, and ‘So What’ channeling their dark and voluminous core, ‘To Hope’ serves as the next step in the roundabout sonic journey Mathame has been creating for fans through their latest string of singles. Holding onto the song since before COVID, Mathame made the decision to release “To Hope” after seeing the song receive overwhelmingly positive responses from crowds all over the world and soon becoming a favorite to play among DJs on the international club scene.

After the Mathame project was born on the eerily desolate slopes of Sicily’s Mt. Etna volcano, the brothers’ gained massive global recognition with debut EP releases on Afterlife records, including ‘Nothing Around Us,’ followed by ‘Skywalking’ and ‘For Every Forever’ and further enthralled listeners with remix tracks for artists such as Zhu and Moby. Mathame went on to use artificial intelligence to create a mix series in 2021, and they have since created a bespoke AI machine that produces their distinctive “hyper-expressionism” graphics. This is a result of their passion for science fiction literature and technology.

With almost 150 performances annually, Mathame have won over audiences at some of the most prestigious stages in the electronic music industry, including Tomorrowland, EXIT Festival, Miami’s Club Space, Amsterdam’s ADE, EDC Las Vegas, and London’s Fabric.