MDLBEAST’s XP announces three-day music conference program

Three-day music conference aims to accelerate the music industry in the region and beyond.

MDLBEASTs XP conference
MDLBEASTs XP conference

Some MDLBEAST’s XP conference key topics:

  • ‘Amplifying Music Futures – What does this new generation of creatives need to thrive?’ will be one of the topics covered under Talent and Development.
  • The ‘Supercharging Music Tourism – Creating a Sustainable New Economy in KSA’ session will look at the changing landscape of the sharing economy and the companies working to make access to events and entertainment more convenient.
  • ‘Empowering Women in Music’ will be a hot topic under Data, Policy, and Advocacy, as XP investigates the benefits of having a diverse workforce and female representation.

MDLBEAST‘s music conference, XP, is open to music professionals and fans from all over the region. The three-day event, which will include a conference and nightlife, will take place in Riyadh from the 13th to the 15th of December and is expected to be the region’s most forward-thinking gathering of music leaders.


Tickets for the ‘Day Xperience,’ which includes access to the conference for all three days, cost 1,950 SAR, and the ‘Full Xperience,’ which includes three-day conference access as well entry to the evening parties and events, costs 3,450 SAR. For 150 SAR, you can get a ‘Lite Xperience‘ ticket that gives you access for one day from 4 pm to midnight. For guests attending the evening events only, the ‘Night Xperience’ ticket costs 750 SAR for one night, increasing to 1,750 SAR for all three nights. Tickets are available via the XP Music Conference website.

Leading international and regional music industry executives, policymakers, artists, and creatives will gather at XP to participate in workshops, panel discussions, and roundtables as they collaborate to shape the region’s music industry’s future.

It’s fair to say that we are entering the most exciting time for the music industry in the Middle East, ever. The opportunity is enormous, the potential is being unlocked, and what we need is a moment for the industry to come together to seize this chance with both hands, XP is that moment.

We have built a very special program around the four key pillars; talent, the scene, policy, and social impact. We’re going to cover every corner of the industry with real outcomes and actions which will have a genuine and positive impact in the regional music industry. – XP programme director, Nada Alhelabi

MDLBEAST’s XP conference topics.

Talent and Development, Inspire and Promote, Data, Policy & Advocacy, and Social Purpose will be the four pillars of programming for XP, with each pillar containing carefully-curated panel discussions and networking opportunities.

Topics under Talent and Development will range from ‘Amplifying Music Futures – What does this new generation of creatives need to thrive?’, where the focus will be on laying down the ingredients for success in the industry. Another topic of discussion is ‘It’s a real job, mama,’ which will look at how many young people in the region currently have limited opportunities in the creative industries and what can be done to change that.

Inspire and Promote topics will range from ‘Supercharging Music Tourism – Creating a sustainable new economy in KSA’ which will explore the changing landscape of the sharing economy, and the companies striving to make access to events and entertainment easier. Best practices in placemaking for music venues and festival sites will be discussed in a fishbowl session titled “How music can put a city on the global map.”

Empowering Women in Music‘ will be a hot topic under Data, Policy, and Advocacy, as XP investigates the benefits of having a diverse workforce and female representation. The ‘Social and Economic Impact of the Music Industry on Society,’ which looks at the significant ROI music has on cities around the world, will also be discussed under the same umbrella.

Music culture’s positive impact on communities will be explored in the Social Impact programming. This can take many forms, with ‘Green events, green planet‘ being one example of an event that will demonstrate the events industry’s innovative power and progressive thinking.

XP is a truly ground-breaking opportunity to contribute to building a new music and creative ecosystem that will offer benefits for all. The Middle East and Africa music market, which accounted for around US$170 million in the year 2018, is expected to grow to more than US$650 million in 20271. This is the scale of the opportunity and the reason why XP exists, to build the infrastructure to support and accelerate that growth.

To ensure this, the XP programming has been carefully curated to cover the most important topics we are faced with today and I’m delighted to welcome some of the brightest and most exciting minds to join us in inspiring the next generation of music industry professional. – Ramadan Alharatani, CEO of MDLBEAST