Mees Salomé Ya Amar EP Green Joris Voorn

Mees Salomé just released a new EP on Joris Voorn label

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The very talented young up-and-coming Dutch DJ and producer Mees Salomé just released 2 track EP on Joris Voorn respected label Green. The EP is called, after the lead record, ‘Ya Amar‘. For this young artist, it’s his debut on this renowned label.

Ya Amar‘ is steeped in emotion. Its Arabic title translating to ‘my moon’ or ‘my most beautiful’; there’s serious skin-rippling movement in the sweeping strings and gradual, unhurried-yet-stately pace of the narrative. Majestic, touching and just on the right side of epic.

After a wonderful start, Joris Voorn label Green signs another masterpiece, this time is Ya Amar EP by Mees Salomé.

The second track of this EP is ‘Zero‘ that takes nothing away from the previous ones: stripped back and driven by subtly bumpy and turbulent kickdrums, once again we’re eased into Mees’ dramatic narrative with pace and measure. Slowly, surely, overwhelmingly, he whisks us off to parts unknown on some perfectly tempered synths and sweeping motifs.

After Yotto’s roof-raiser EP, Green continues with the ‘Ya Amar’ to scorch the new year with another evocative dispatch. You can buy the EP here and stream below.