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Ultra Music Festival Miami Bayfront Park

Miami City Commission offers Ultra Miami to return at Bayfront Park

A new proposal from the Miami City Commission for the return of Ultra Miami at Bayfront Park surfaced during the last meeting

Miami City Commission has authorized the City Manager to present an offer for the return of Ultra Miami at Bayfront Park.

In the last year or so, Ultra Miami is facing a huge problem in regards to the location of the festival. With only a few months left from the festival kick-off, the City of Miami denied the use of Bayfront Park and forced Ultra to move the festival to Virginia Key, creating not so small issues. Because of the huge problems faced, especially with the transportations, Ultra Miami decided to move the festival outside the city.

At the moment, Ultra Miami is still without a location but, it seems the Miami City Commission has offered a plan to return to Bayfront Park under specific guidelines.

The Miami City Commission offers the use of Bayfront Park in any of the weekend of March. Ultra Miami will be able to run the festival from 4 pm to midnight on Friday, from 12 am to midnight on Sunday and from 12 am to 10 pm on Saturday (an hour earlier compared to 2018). The sound limit has been decreased from 110 dB to 104 dB at 60ft from the stage. The capacity will remain the same (around 55.000 people per day). This agreement will cost to Ultra $ 2 million for the use of Bayfront Park, including the amphitheater. Ultra has to pay for police and fire department. The park must stay close for a maximum time of 11 days (including the 3 days of the festival) and Ultra has 28 days max to load in/out period.

At the moment there’s no mention on how many votes are needed to accept or cancel the contract. In any case, the City Manager can cancel the agreement at any time.

(Thanks to u/djmistral for the summary) You can read the full resolution on The City Of Miami website.

The Miami City Commission will vote next year.

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