Mixcloud Select, a new subscription option to support your favorite creators

Mixcloud introduces Mixcloud Select, a new way to support your favorite creators. It works as a fan-to-creator subscription layer allowing to support directly the creators.

Mixcloud is the leading platform for the hosting of radio-show, mixes, podcast and more. Over the years it has seen a huge increase in the numbers of its user thanks also to its elastic about copyright. Now, the platform has decided to take a step forward and reward creators; Mixcloud, in fact, has never had a monetizing program as other competitors such as Soundcloud or Spotify.

The platform has now introduced Mixcloud Select, a fan-to-creator subscription layer; it allows listeners to subscribe directly to individual Mixcloud channels, directly supporting the creators they love. Once a listener subscribes, they can enjoy an enhanced listening experience: it includes downloading shows to listen offline and viewing upfront tracklists.

Bring fans and creators closer is the final purpose of Select. At the moment the service is available for 40+ creators directly selected by Mixcloud. The service is still at the beginning and new features and creators will be added in the feature.

Mixcloud Select; how it works in details.

If you’re wondering how the revenues will be distributed, Select uses a fair revenue share model. Artists, labels, and publishers involved in creating the music played in shows receive royalty revenue. After such rightsholders are paid, the Select creator receives the majority share cut of the gross profit. This is possible because the Mixcloud platform is licensed with all major rightsholders, which allows revenue to flow in all the right directions.

The amount a creator on Select earns is directly related to how much their subscribers pay. £/€/$ 2.99 in local currencies is the minimum subscription fee. The subscription period is monthly and you can cancel at any time. Creators can choose to raise this price to set their own minimum subscription fee. Subscribers can also pay more for supporting the creator. The more the subscriber pays, the more the creator earns.

The full list of creators is available below. Following Mixcloud, you can find more info about the service. Don’t forget that we have a Mixcloud account too.

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