Monolink Presents New Two-Track EP ‘Running / White Walls’

Monolink Portrait Berlin, Kreuzberg, 2021, credit: Lisa Wassmann
Monolink Portrait Berlin, Kreuzberg, 2021, credit: Lisa Wassmann

Monolink continues to impress with his latest release: Running / White Walls – a dynamic two-part offering from the eminent German producer, singer-songwriter, and multi-instrumental live act.

Exploring Monolink’s Latest Musical Journey in Running / White Walls

Known for his remixes and collaborations with artists like Yotto, Innellea, Sam Shure, and Fideles, among others, eminent German producer, singer-songwriter, and multi-instrumental live act, Monolink, is still receiving praise from critics around the world for his second studio album Under Darkening Skies. He now returns to Embassy One with his most recent original two-part offering, Running / White Walls.


Monolink has established himself as one of the most sought-after producers of electronic music today, and his work is always evolving as he incorporates new textures and layers into his signature style while continuing to push his own artistic limits. Introducing the double-sided cut with the undulating opener Running – a production which was released as an exclusive, vinyl-only, bonus track from the 2021 album – Steffen conjures a majestic blend of warped leads, swung triplets and ethereal vocal refrains, all intertwined beneath an intricate web of bluesy guitar licks, warm basslines, and luscious instrumentation.

Running / White Walls EP is an excursion back to my first musical inspirations; two songs based on blues licks on the guitar, taken into electronic soundscapes. White Walls was actually one of the first songs I ever wrote on the guitar, which I rediscovered a few years ago and now I’m finally glad to close the circle. – Monolink

White Walls

The delicious closer, White Walls, is up next. Embarking on a captivating excursion of four-four rhythms and trippy, melodic sound palettes, White Walls sees Monolink exploit his traditional song-writing credentials, as he delivers a stunning new original that demonstrates the extensive musicality and thought-provoking lyricism of his diverse repertoire.

Both staples in Monolink’s spellbinding live performances over the past couple of years, Steffen’s ability to inject traditional blues influences into the EP, whilst captivating the listener with his forward-thinking electronic sound experiment, is truly remarkable. In both of the EP’s songs, Steffen demonstrates his special talent for amusingly fusing captivating electronic music with varied and nuanced vocals. He also combines innovative sound design with appealing composition.