Listen Monolink incredible new 2021 album ‘Under Darkening Skies’

Monolink presents Under Darkening Skies as a way to transport the listener deeper into the building blocks of his musical anatomy

After months of teasing Monolink long-awaited new album Under Darkening Skies has been released via Embassy One, Ultra, and Sweat It Out.

When we sense impending waves of change, it usually manifests as a fear of the unknown, anticipation of the start of something new, and the possibility of personal and societal evolution, leaving us anxious and unprepared. The tides are indeed turning for Monolink, and he stands tall, welcoming change with open arms like an old friend. His musical journey has always been reflective, and his second album Under Darkening Skies, which was released today on Embassy One, Ultra, and Sweat It Out Records, is another step toward his full artistic manifestation.

About the artist Monolink

Monolink (Steffen Linck) creates music that is both honest and thought-provoking, and his lyrics tell relatable heartfelt stories. With a background in folk guitar, he maintains a strong belief in music as an ancient form of storytelling, with lyrics and notes combining to transport the listener through worlds and genres. Monolink’s signature blend of indie-folk songwriting and pulsing melodic techno encourages listeners to put their faith in his musical curiosity. He invites them to join him in exploring the many facets of electronic music, both past, and present.

Under Darkening Skies is an album that’s connecting different dots in my life, representing phases or moments I went through. I wanted to go back to writing actual songs again instead of adding vocals to a beat, which gave me the freedom to express more musical facets of myself. Eventually it became the most diverse record I have made so far, influenced by a time of global social and economic uncertainty at an ever increasing tempo of change. Like a dark cloud approaching. – Monolink

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About the album Under Darkening Skies

Monolink - Into The Glow (Official Video)

Monolink had been on the road for three years without a break before the unplanned global shutdown in 2020. Monolink was finally still, given time to reflect and find authenticity above all the noise, with a year of live performances put on hold, including a run at Coachella 2020. Under Darkening Skies is the culmination of that silence, as well as Monolink’s story of re-alignment. He weaves nature-laden metaphors into these themes of self-preservation and personal awakening, juxtaposing the inconsequentiality of human life when confronted with the weight and power of the natural world.

“Everything I see is a reflection of my ego
Everything I hear is an illusion in my head
In a forest of realities I’m alone in my treehouse
That is who I am, and who am I to judge”

Monolink is first and foremost a live performer, renowned for his ability to convey raw songwriting emotion and transform large crowds into intimate gatherings. He’s been able to perform on iconic stages such as Burning Man, Tomorrowland, Melt, Montreux Jazz, and more as a result of his artistry. His debut album, Amniotic, was released in 2018 and has over 100 million combined streams, with remixes from Artbat, Patrice Bäumel, Tale of Us, Nicole Moudaber, and others dominating the charts worldwide. His genre-blending techniques and unwavering industry support have attracted a diverse audience from all over the world, who are inspired by his efforts to break free from traditional boundaries.

Monolink presents Under Darkening Skies as a way to transport the listener deeper into the building blocks of his musical anatomy, having already established himself as a titan of melodic techno. As the storm approaches, he envelops us in the warmth of his lyrics, urging us to let go of our egos and trust in the support of his musical guidance.

Stream and download Monolink brand new album Under Darkening Skies here.