Monstercat announces acquisition of Silk Music now ‘Monstercat Silk’

To celebrate the acquisition, Monstercat Silk’s inaugural release is from Japanese progressive house master Shingo Nakamura with his new single ‘Glow’

Monstercat Silk
Monstercat Silk

Leading independent electronic music label Monstercat announced a strategic acquisition of LA-based label Silk Music. Debuting under the new name Monstercat Silk, the company’s third brand (alongside the vibrant melodies of Instinct and the hard-hitting drops of Uncaged) brings increased genre-diversity to the label with releases spanning across progressive house, deep house, trance, chillout, and more. Now representing a major stake in the arena of electronic music, the move positions Monstercat as a leader in the independent label space, expanding its impact across the industry and new fan bases globally.

To celebrate the acquisition, Monstercat Silk’s inaugural release is from Japanese progressive house master Shingo Nakamura, who returns to the Silk community with his highly-anticipated single, “Glow.” Fans can expect major names to appear on Monstercat Silk in the next month, including Kaskade, Vintage & Morelli, A.M.R, Arielle Maren, and PROFF, among others.

Meeting the Silk team in late 2019 proved to be one of the most inspiring interactions of the year. Their passion for beautiful electronic music reminded me of why I first fell in love with the genre. Originally, an acquisition wasn’t on the table but as we continued to work together, it became evident that they would play a critical role in the evolution of Monstercat. I committed early on to supporting all forms of electronic music and the addition of Silk brings us one step closer to achieving that dream. It fits perfectly alongside the likes of Uncaged and Instinct. – Monstercat Co-Founder & CEO, Mike Darlington

Inspired by the therapeutic power that music has on our lives, Silk Music’s purpose has remained a constant since its inception in 2008: “Emotions Into Sound.” Their strong brand ideals and the dedicated global audience has empowered the label to position themselves as leading tastemakers of emotional and intelligent electronic music.

I have always admired Monstercat’s focus on artistic excellence and organic community building, as well as their success in cultivating a unique global network of industry partners. As Monstercat Silk, our mission is to deepen and diversify Monstercat’s existing musical offerings with a wider range of electronic subgenres. We are proud to officially usher in the Monstercat Silk era with Shingo Nakamura’s new single, “Glow.” I am honored to have the opportunity to share our music with a larger community of global fans, and we can’t wait for you to hear the musical surprises we have in store in the months ahead. – Jacob Henry, Label Director of Monstercat Silk

With the arrival of Silk, Monstercat’s release schedule will expand to six releases per week, between Silk, Uncaged, and Instinct. Tokyo-based producer Shingo Nakamura makes an epic return to launch Monstercat Silk, with his moving slice of progressive house, “Glow,” a track meant to evoke light and positivity during dark times. “Glow” serves as the title to Nakamura’s forthcoming album, due out on Monstercat Silk in June 2021.


Making an album is really meaningful work for me because I’m able to reflect on my life through music. It’s not always easy, and it takes time, but I’m so happy to complete this project thanks to the Silk team, who I’ve worked with for more than a decade. I’m excited for “Glow” to be the first release on Monstercat Silk and reach more listeners than ever before. – Shingo