MORTEN & David Guetta team up for new future rave single ‘Permanence’

David Guetta & Morten Future Rave
David Guetta & Morten Future Rave

It’s 2022 and what’s the best way to kick in the new year with some proper future rave sound? MORTEN & David Guetta join forces again for their new hit, Permanence.

Surprisingly, ‘Permanence‘ begins in the midst of what would normally be considered a breakdown. This teasing intro takes its time, snatching snippets of the lead melody while effortlessly building tension. With stuttering synth blasts cutting against throbbing bass and that snarling main motif, a subtle build slams us headlong into a dizzying techno groove. An ethereal operatic vocal soars skywards in the haunting breakdown, leading to a tense moment of silence. Out of nowhere comes an intense buzz of synth pressure, which loops and shudders all the way to the drop. It’s a dark, brooding track that’s meant to shatter large spaces and transport you to another world wherever you listen to it.

People keep asking for more, so we deliver more! It’s incredible to see the impact Future Rave has on the dance music scene and I can’t wait to continue developing it this year.” says David Guetta. On ‘Permanence’. David and I have both played this track in our sets and the crowd went wild every time, I’m really excited for the track to finally be out there for them to listen to wherever and whenever they want! – MORTEN

After the massive ‘Alive Again‘ and the Future Rave remix of David Guetta and Sia’s classic ‘Titanium‘ (for its 10th anniversary), ‘Permanence’ joins an incredibly impressive catalog from these two. In 2022, expect a lot more from this unbeatable partnership.

David Guetta & MORTEN - Permanence