MRAK unveils a six-track EP ‘The Pledge’ on Afterlife

After a 1+ year of teasing the EP, and the release in 2023 of ‘Manifesto’, Carmine Conte aka MRAK finally drops the long-awaited EP

We heard it for the first time back at Coachella 2023. More than a year later, The Pledge, the 6-track EP by Tale Of Us member Carmine Conte, MRAK, is finally here. Released under their own Afterlife Recordings, the EP contained long-awaited tunes such as Their Law.

It’s been a long journey you can say but, trust me, it’s worth it.

Kicking off with The World Is Yours where MRAK introduces monumental and church-like elements like organs and a mysterious baseline. On top of that brave vocals complete the tune. Sombre piano keys and urgent strings accompany energetic synth layers.

brave is a long-time Afterlife friend as he sang on Innellea and Colyn Downfall and 8Kays Basic, part of Realm of Consciousness Pt. VI.

Following up The Process goes dark and eerie. It is built on a hypnotic low end, supporting a solid melody that increases in intensity as the track develops. The tune, as the whole EP, supports this ethereal feeling of mystical elements dancing around you. Then the drop brings you back into the club.

This one is probably the most awaited MRAK single of the last 2 years or so. Their Law, premiered for the first time at Coachella 2023, has become a must-play on all Tale Of Us and MRAK sets. He teams up with David Lindmer, crafting an undulating track with captivating melodies and harmonies. Having toured around the world, the energetic and powerful drop always makes the dancefloor explore. It shifts a bit from the transcendental mood of the EP bringing some festival energy to the whole EP.

Portal brings the listener back to its roots. With a shady and wobbling baseline and the iconic hypnotic synth. With Portal the realm of consciousness beckons us in, with a vigorous vocal reverberating intermittently, complementing the dark bassline and bright synth lines.

On The Flame MRAK teams up again with braev, but, this time Wasiu joins the party as well. The song introduces the path for the ending of the EP and it utilizes a heartfelt vocal alongside a spoken-word segment, striking the balance between emotion and high energy.

Never Ends is the perfect closing of the EP, keeping the door open for what will come next. With Omnya on remix duty, the main melody provides an uplifting vibration, juxtaposed with the unclearer elements of this journey to the close of the EP.

As one of the founders of Afterlife, MRAK has introduced a sharp and elegant but distinctive musical equation to the label. On The Pledge, he presented six compositions, all bound to the Afterlife ethos.

The whole EP is out now. Tale Of Us and Afterlife has also announced a no-phone policy for the Hi Ibiza Residency as well as the return after 5 years at their spiritual home, Milan.

MRAK’s latest EP was Manifesto back in 2023.