New London Nightclub Glam to Launch in Shoreditch in June

Shoreditch's Glam Ushers in a New Era of Luxury Clubbing with Iconic House Headliners

London's new club Glam main room
London's new club Glam main room

The time has come for a change in the clubbing scene in London. Warehouses that are dark and gritty have had their day. After a difficult year for everyone, it’s time to treat yourself to a night out that includes high-end design, plush decor, and an authentic, heartfelt house soundtrack. Enter Glam, a brand new and unique nightclub that reintroduces light, love, color, and charisma. The fabulously designed adult playground, which will open on Friday, June 25th in what used to be Shoreditch’s Aquarium, promises real theatre with a host of eccentric characters and proven, pioneering house DJs from around the world.

Paul Nelson and Carl McCormick have teamed up on a new project called Glam. Carl has been throwing high-end parties for celebrities like Drake, Rhianna, and Prince for years. Meanwhile, Paul was the first person to obtain a legal rave license for his infamous Raindance parties. As a result, they are deeply affected by this scene.

They met in 1992 and opened Aquarium in 1995, a hugely influential venue that ushered in the Shoreditch clubbing revolution in the years that followed. The promoters focused on dressing up the venue in luxury fabrics, exotic lighting, and premium clientele who liked to dress up to get down back then, way ahead of their time. The club was well-known for being welcoming to all. A place where people of all races, genders, and sexual orientations could come together as one. This mix is now sought after by many modern dance floors. But it’s always come naturally to this couple, and it’ll play a big role in the next chapter of their clubland love story.

I cut my teeth at the always beautifully designed and luxuriant Renaissance with its world-class DJs, and I’m not gunna lie, it’s a huge inspiration for what we are doing with Glam. The club is just what everyone needs right now – something that’s high-end, super special in every way, but never too stuffy or elitist. We’re proudly going against the grain and redefining the glossy glam of the 90s with a contemporary soundtrack. – Carl

Plush drapes, dangling chandeliers, warming backlights, and a cast of wild characters, from drag queens to burlesque dancers, will stimulate your every sense every weekend at the fully renovated club. It’ll be flamboyant and full of the disco glitz that made Studio 54 a cult favorite, but with a no-nonsense, proper house soundtrack throughout.

Three distinct spaces make up the utterly sensual Glam. The famous pool has been replaced by the VIP Phoenix Lounge, which was created in collaboration with Ciroc. The magnificent Salon Privé, a cocktail lounge serving contemporary fusion food with live, cozy, unplugged soul and jazz shows in a stylish art deco setting reminiscent of the roaring twenties, is also available for headliner action.

Glam club VIP Phoenix Lounge
Glam club VIP Phoenix Lounge

Musically, it is house, house and more house on Saturdays, which come under the ToyBox banner. It will be an immersive and escapist party that will transport you to a fantastical new world of vibrant and vivid colors and characters, complete with the best DJs in the world. Soul Kingdom and real disco dons will take care of Fridays.

Michael Gray and Moodena will perform at the launch party on Friday, June 25th, followed by a live set from Alison Limmerick, as well as UK mainstays Jeremy Healy, Brandon Block, and Allister Whitehead the following night. Following that, on July 3rd, house and disco aficionado Dave Lee aka Joey Negro will perform one of his masterclasses, on July 10th, game-changing Zanzibar resident Tony Humphries will perform, and on July 31st, the one and only David Morales will take charge for six sure to be memorable hours. In addition, two true American house legends will visit from their New York homes to round out the month.

The Menendez Brothers, Siggy Smalls, Natasha Kitty Kat, and other Glam residents include The Menendez Brothers, Siggy Smalls, Natasha Kitty Kat, and others, with a true US house icon set to join the team in August and plenty more lined up, including Armand Van Helden, Louie Vega, Jamie Underground, and Bellair.