Steve Angello

New York Based DJ And Producer Rips Off Steve Angello’s Unreleased Track ‘I Feel At Home’

While Skrillex and Justin Bieber recently found themselves at the receiving end of a copyright infringement lawsuit for lifting the vocal riff of White Hinterland‘s ‘Ring The Bell’, this latest case of lifting a track will enrage you even further.

New York-based DJ and producer Vincent L. Sinnott aka Mr.13utta released a 10 track album in 2014, titled ‘13‘. While the album did not receive any accolades or anything, the 6th track on the LP, ‘Homme Sweet Home‘, is exactly similar to Steve Angello‘s yet unreleased track ‘I Feel At Home‘, which the Swede premiered at Ultra Miami in 2014. Now, you would think when someone else rips a track, they would at least change some production aspects so no one would suspect them of plagiarism. But not Mr.13utta. He has lifted the entire intro and verse from ‘I Feel At Home‘, even John Martin‘s vocals, that too directly from Ultra’s stream, and added a couple of edits to the breakdown, and effectively passed it off as his own. The album is even available on iTunes for purchase.

A fan brought this to Steve’s attention, and he acknowledged the tweet, adding that he’ll leave the whole issue to his lawyers to handle.