Nicky Romero presents his first NFT drop ‘Behind The Mask’

Nicky Romero NFT ‘Behind The Mask’

Nicky Romero releases his first, highly anticipated collection of NFTs in an exciting new partnership with Visual Lab and the Ethernity Chain platform. Pelé, Tony Hawk, Muhammad Ali, Fernando Tatis Jr., and their authenticated NFT releases on Ethernity Chain join the Protocol Recordings label boss and veteran electronic producer. Many will recognize the iconic mask from the sneak peek into the 3-tier collection, bringing a welcome hit of nostalgia to a brand new concept. Nicky collaborated on it with Visual Lab, a Dutch company that also created an authenticated NFT collection for Pelé, pioneered Nicky Romero’s “Another World” 3D livestream concept last summer, and is responsible for designing and programming all of the visuals seen during Nicky’s worldwide performances. As an artist, Nicky Romero is always looking for new ways to break into new markets, and the stunning visual art on “Behind The Mask” is no exception.

Since the beginning of my career I’ve been experimenting with different types of visuals for my performances, as my goal always is to elevate to the next level the experience of each attendee. After the last year’s debut of my ‘Another World‘ 3D livestream concept, the next step was inevitable. ‘Behind The Mask‘ is our first NFT collection that symbolizes the energy that the fans from around the world been giving me over the past years. I have created it with my visual team – Visual Lab, that I’ve been working with closely since day 1. We are happy to team up with the premier NFT platform Ethernity Chain for the release of ‘Behind The Mask,’ which places us among the official NFT collections of the likes of Muhammad AliPeléTony Hawk, and more. – Nicky Romero

We’ve been creating visuals for Nicky Romero‘s releases and performances since the very beginning of our company. We know that some of those animations became memorable not only for us, but also for the fans of Nicky Romero around the world. When working on ‘Behind The Mask‘ we wanted to capture this powerful feeling of thousands of people sharing mutual memories and experiences. It’s about unity and what connects us, one with another. – Visual Lab

Click here for the collection’s page on Ethernity Chain