Ocaso Festival returns to Costa Rican Jungle for 5th anniversary edition

Adriatique, Hot Since 82, Seth Troxler, Amelie Lens, Andreas Henneberg, Colyn, Doc Martin, Eelke Kleijn, Magdalena, Farrago, La Fleur, Lauren Lane, Magit Cocoon, Oostil, Space Motion and Worthy

Ocaso Festival
Ocaso Festival

A flame-red sun rises from the horizon, accompanied by iconic sets. Intimate gatherings in a steamy jungle amphitheater surrounded by lush greenery and dangling vines. In the hot sun, afternoon dances around a glistening pool… Welcome to Ocaso, one of the world’s most revered and soul-stirring festivals. Having worked closely with the Ministerio De Salud in Costa Rica to meet all possible health and safety regulations, this stunning festival will mark its fifth anniversary with a series of extra special surprises from January 6th to 11th 2022, across indoor and outdoor venues like nothing you have ever experienced before. Ocaso is proud to be the most affordable festival in Costa Rica and tickets go on sale on October 5th. A full six-day festival pass costs $109 for Latin American residents and $159 for international visitors here.

The six-day event will take place from January 6th to 11th, allowing visitors to make the most of their time in Tamarindo, a true Central American paradise. Amelie Lens, Adriatique, Hot Since 82, Seth Troxler, Samá Abdulhadi, Lauren Lane, Doc Martin, Magdalena, Eelke Klein, Colyn, Space Motion, La Fleur, Magit Cacoon, Andrea’s Henneberg, Farrago, ostil, Qrion, Worthy, and many more will be announced in phase 2 of the festival.

Ocaso Festival 2022 lineup
Ocaso Festival 2022 lineup

Ocaso and its vision about underground music.

Ocaso has become one of the most cherished underground events in the world thanks to word of mouth from those fortunate enough to have attended this idyllic festival. It brings together a world-class mix of DJs, friendly locals, and music fans from all over the world, all in a paradisiac setting. With a focus on intimate dancing experiences, Ocaso is celebrated for its special sunrise and sunset sessions, sets on the beach, in a magnificent jungle amphitheater surrounded by lush flora and fauna, gatherings by the pool and for the unique energy the whole event has. Costa Rica‘s natural beauty is always a stunning backdrop and immersive setting for this most natural and escapist of adventures.

Ocaso does not support or believe in exclusion of any type. This is not what we believe the underground is about and it does not respect the roots of this movement. Ocaso does not have a VIP area, does not have a VIP pass, does not have bottle service or anything that is not to be enjoyed by every single attendee.  We believe we are all the same and no walls should be placed between us. – the festival’s team

Expect a lot of upgrades this year, as well as a few surprises that won’t be revealed until the festival nights, such as major projector upgrades for a much better visual experience, and changes to the shape and layout of the jungle venue to increase the flat dance space and accessibility to a larger amphitheater.

Inclusivity is key for Ocasio festival.

Importantly, as well as offering a platform for the next wave of amazing talents coming up through the ranks around the world, Ocaso prides itself on being a safe, diverse, and welcoming space for all genders, sexualities, and races. Ocaso is a place where freedom of expression is embraced as a defining characteristic, acknowledging that this is where dance music culture began. Everyone is welcome, and we encourage you to dress up.

At our last show, Maceo Plex came back out and played with Doc Martin for one of our trademark sunrise sessions until almost 9am. There were still 4000 people dancing when they finished. Magdalena also had an amazing extended set on Sunday playing over four hours and it was one of the best sets anyone had ever witnessed. There will be even more magic in the air for this special event in 2022, so we do hope you can join in the family. – festival director Devin Ellis

0 environmental impact.

In a country that aims to be carbon neutral by the end of 2021, Ocaso is a “leave no trace” event. Every year, festival attendees clean up the beach in Tamarindo before and after the festival, and we are always looking for ways to reduce our festival’s carbon footprint. Everyone is conscious of water conservation, wildlife, and the trash they generate while in Costa Rica. These are critical issues for Costa Ricans and everyone involved with Ocaso.

Aside from the music, festivalgoers can sign up to go see some of Costa Rica’s natural wonders with a group of other people, as well as participate in various group outings over the course of the festival.