ONYVAA delivers distilled techno on new ‘EP Valley Of Fire’

The LA and Paris based producer pulls no punches on her first release for Charlotte de Witte’s new sub-label RPM

The EP Valley Of Fire by rising talent ONYVAA, released by Charlotte de Witte / KNTXT‘s sub-label RPMl, features a techno masterwork.

ONYVAA Valley Of Fire EP out now on RMP

Valley Of Fire is a demonstration of the effectiveness of ONYVAA’s “less is more” philosophy. The EP is introduced with the lean uptempo techno of “Don’t Ever Stop” before “Valley Of Fire” adopts an even more austere and careful approach with arpeggiated synth over a somber breakbeat. The EP is wrapped up in style with the trance-like “Vision Quest,” which has delicate handclaps, a mesmerizing vocal sample, and ambient percussion set over a spacey background.

Very proud to announce the long-awaited return from ONYVAA! After her Lost Angeles EP in 2021, she’s been a very frequent guest at KNTXT events all over the world. She’s a beautiful person inside and out and I couldn’t be happier with the three bangers she provided in her signature style for her new EP on the label. Welcome back, Shelbs!- Charlotte de Witte

A multi-talented musician, ONYVAA has been sweeping the electronic music world. She created her sound in Paris and rose fast through the techno music ranks, appearing at KNTXT festivals all over the world. The timeless sounds of Detroit, Chicago, and early 1990s acid warehouse techno are influences in ONYVAA’s sets, which are an upbeat journey.

I’ve had transformative experiences over the last two years where I have grown and evolved in my being, where my eyes, mind, and heart are open to infinite forms of expression through music. This EP embodies those themes and is the beginning of a new chapter in my artistry. – ONYVAA

Charlotte de Witte launches RPM’s alongside her KNTXT label

Late last year, leading techno producer Charlotte de Witte of Belgium created a brand-new sublabel called RPM under her KNTXT imprint in an effort to support and promote up-and-coming artists. RPM gives artists a more flexible, digital-only platform to release music in order to meet the demands of the constantly changing electronic music scene and boost the creative output of the KNTXT label. It also offers producers a flexible environment in which to experiment with modern sounds without being constrained by the latency of vinyl production.

There aren’t many artists who fit the RPM roster better when it comes to modern, experimental music than ONYVAA. Valley Of Fire is the ideal remedy for those who enjoy unadulterated, undiluted techno.