EDC Las Vegas food prices
EDC Las Vegas food prices

Outrageous Food Prices at EDC Las Vegas 2023

EDC Las Vegas, one of the most anticipated electronic dance music festivals of the year, recently found itself in the midst of a viral controversy. The astronomical food prices at the event caused an uproar after a TikTok video showcasing the exorbitant costs went viral. Additionally, a Reddit post by a supposed staff member shed light on the internal struggles faced by the employees, who expressed frustration over the prices. Let’s delve into the issue and explore the implications for festival-goers and the festival industry as a whole.

EDC food prices

According to the video, the prices at EDC Las Vegas 2023 were mind-boggling. A whole pizza costs up to $96, a street taco platter is priced at $70, and a sushi platter with only six rolls reaches an astonishing $100. These prices caught attendees by surprise, and their outrage spread like wildfire on social media.

Thanks to a viral TikTok video, the world got a glimpse of the jaw-dropping prices at EDC Las Vegas Sky Deck. It quickly gained hundred of thousands of views, sparking discussions about the ethics of such pricing strategies.

Insights from an Alleged Staff Member

In a Reddit post, an anonymous staff member confirmed the widely held suspicions that the prices were indeed excessive. The staff member expressed empathy towards festival-goers, admitting that they hated the prices just as much. However, they shed light on the difficult position faced by the staff, who were allegedly threatened with arrest or being blacklisted from future employment if they provided any discounts or giveaways. This revelation adds another layer of complexity to the issue, highlighting the tension between the staff’s empathy and the constraints imposed by both company policy and legal obligations.

At the risk of doxxing myself, i just want to make this known about staff
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