Charlotte de Witte Shuts Down a Street to Play in NYC

Charlotte de Witte's Epic NYC Takeover: Music, Fashion, and Art Collide

Charlotte de Witte in New York City
Charlotte de Witte in New York City

Techno titan Charlotte de Witte has once again taken New York City by storm with a weekend-long takeover that fuses music, fashion, and art.

Surprise Street Performance Shuts Down Orchard Street

In a repeat of last year’s viral moment, Charlotte de Witte kicked off her NYC takeover with a guerrilla-style pop-up DJ set on Orchard Street.

On Thursday evening, hundreds of New Yorkers flocked to the Lower East Side as de Witte performed an hour-long set from a booth positioned in the middle of the street.

The impromptu block party, hosted in collaboration with streetwear store EXTRA BUTTER, showcased the raw energy of both techno music and New York City itself.

For fans who missed the live action, the performance was captured in partnership with Beatport and Ray-Ban and is available for streaming online.

New Music and Massive KNTXT Show

De Witte’s NYC blitz coincides with the release of her latest single, “How You Move,” from the highly-anticipated ‘Roar‘ EP. The new track, which dropped on vinyl on June 20th, exemplifies de Witte’s boundary-pushing style and captures the essence of modern techno.

The highlight of the weekend has been the massive KNTXT show at Brooklyn Storehouse on Saturday, June 22.

Fashion and Art Collaborations

The techno phenomenon’s takeover extends beyond music, incorporating exciting collaborations in fashion and art:

  1. EXTRA BUTTER X KNTXT Capsule Collection: De Witte unveiled a limited-edition collection featuring a NYC Bomber Jacket and new KNTXT apparel. The exclusive bomber jacket, retailing at $270, is available in extremely limited quantities at the EXTRA BUTTER Lower East Side store.
  2. THE SKATEROOM Art Collaboration: In a philanthropic twist, de Witte announced a partnership with THE SKATEROOM, an art collective known for collaborations with renowned artists. The collection includes three skateboard concepts – two solo decks and one triptych deck – which will be available for a limited five-day sale following the NYC events.

For techno enthusiasts and culture aficionados alike, last weekend offers a unique opportunity to experience the multifaceted world of Charlotte de Witte.