Joseph Capriati to bring Metamorfosi party in London

Joseph Capriati
Joseph Capriati

When Joseph Capriati brings his renowned Metamorfosi idea to HERE at Outernet on February 18, 2023, he will make the official debut of his brand event in London. Archie Hamilton and Fleur Shore will perform with the Italian headlining act.

After a successful year in 2022, Joseph spent the entire month of November as a resident on the venerable BBC1 Radio. Over the course of numerous performances that covered a variety of house, techno, groovy, personal inspirations, and more, he really demonstrated the breadth and depth of his sound.

That occurred after a busy summer during which the Neapolitan’s meticulously planned Metamorfosi events at Amnesia in Ibiza had a significant impact. They were immersive demonstrations of his abilities, and they will perform on Ibiza more frequently in the summer of 2023. Following the release of his eclectic debut album Metamorfosi on his own Redimension label, Joseph has continued to perform at prestigious clubs and festivals throughout the globe.

London HERE club

The location is a cutting-edge, medium-sized space with cutting-edge sound and lighting. It will be converted for this one-time Metamorfosi event with a distinctive and stunning presentation. In addition to Archie Hamilton, a favorite in the UK who has his own Moscow Records and has released music on labels like Dansu Discs and, of course, Fuse London, Joseph will be performing at this party. They are accompanied by a deep-dive DJ with tremendous technical aptitude as well as Fleur Shore, a resident for TRMNL and a powerhouse of UK techno.

Joseph Capriati’s Metamorfosi party in London

Joseph Capriati presents Metamorfosi, a beautiful showcase that will highlight the width and depth of his musical catalog and is named after his 2020 album of the same name.

While Capriati is certain to play to the Techno and Tech House audiences for which he is known, Metamorfosi sees him broaden his musical perspective, reflecting his creative journey over the previous ten years.

Vip tickets will get you priority admission at any moment as well as a special opportunity to watch one of your favorite performers perform from behind the stage.

A showcase of some of the best techno performers on the scene is expected at Metamorfosi London.

Metamorfosi London lineup
Metamorfosi London lineup