Thank You Printworks; This Is Not A Goodbye

London’s Iconic Space Closes Its Doors With Four Huge Shows Paying Homage To The Last Six Years, And Announces Their Intention For Printworks To Return.

Printworks London Bicep Resident Advisor

Over the past six years, Printworks has occupied an important position in the city of London, hosting over a million visitors and thousands of artists, while also serving as a hub for development, culture, and community. A commemoration of these significant years, Printworks’ Closing Weekend featured four events that encapsulated the history of the venue and featured notable special guests BICEP and Andy C, as well as appearances from more than 75 other artists, DJs, live acts, and other performers.

The Printworks team stunned visitors by declaring their plan to return to the Press Halls in three years at the final Monday 1st closing show, answering the question on everyone’s mind as the final season for the time being drawn to a conclusion.

The Legendary Club: Printworks London and its artists

Since 2017, Printworks has been able to maintain its position at the vanguard of culture, and these final four parties best represented that. An eclectic group of top-tier artists from around the world, up-and-comers, and local icons were on board, reflecting the aural journey that has become Printworks. Numerous artists performed over the course of the weekend, including Bicep, Peggy Gou, Camelphat, Andy C, Mind Against, Adriatique, DJ Koze, Elijah & Skilliam, Carlita, Black Coffee, Mixstress, Ell Murphy, Shy One, Jeremiah Asiamah, Bambii, Jaguar, Ceri, Nick Castle, and many more. S E T U P, who merged the borders of multimedia art, lighting, and stage design for an otherworldly experience for those in attendance, elevated bespoke production for the final weekend as well.

Afterlife Printworks
Afterlife Printworks

The new Printworks: a redeveloped of the spaces

The influence of Printworks goes well beyond the actual building, altering how the city of London recognizes music and culture. The Broadwick Live team undertook the titanic challenge of opening one of the biggest size cultural venues London had ever seen six years ago, when hardship saw significant venues closing their doors. By including a daytime concept, they created a new type of event that allowed communities to unite in a way that had never been possible before. With over a thousand locals having visited the venue in the previous year alone, Broadwick Live has made a commitment to fostering possibilities at a local level that would benefit the communities that reside in and surrounding Printworks. The venue has provided jobs, local project support, and tickets to area people.

London’s world-famous nightlife is the heartbeat of our capital and Printworks has played a dynamic role bringing together culture, music and entertainment and attracting artists and visitors from all over the world. I am delighted there is an exciting future ahead for Printworks and I will continue working with all involved to ensure they thrive. – London Night Czar, Amy Lamé

Printworks is a bold and exciting center that has hosted sold-out club acts, appearances by renowned orchestras including the Aurora Orchestra and London Symphony Orchestra, and concerts as part of the BBC Proms. Additionally, it has served as the location for movies like The Batman and hosted fashion shows for companies like Raf Simmons. This industrial setting’s adaptable qualities have served as a playground for culture and innovation, fostering connections that will endure long after the venue closes.

The Grand Press offices are anticipated to be built out of a part of the Printworks building by the building’s owners, British Land and AustralianSuper. The industrial history and form of the building will be preserved, and there will be a wide range of shopping, dining, and recreational options. On a future Printworks that maintains the iconic, impressive Press Halls and authenticity at the heart of the Printworks and positions culture alongside the Grand Press, Broadwick Live will continue to work closely with British Land and AustralianSuper.

We are delighted to announce that Printworks hopes to return in three years and that we will continue to work with our partners at British Land to create the future cultural venue that retains the essence of the iconic Press Halls. Printworks has brought lasting impact to our scene, to our city, to artists and our local community. The future Printworks venue aims to build on this, bringing together all the best in all electronic music and visual arts, both as well as hosting some of the world’s best orchestras, ballet companies and other art forms. – Simeon Aldred, Director of Strategy (Broadwick)

Afterlife Printworks London 2022 by Damiano Alessandri
Afterlife Printworks London 2022 by Damiano Alessandri

Broadwick Live team and its venues

The Printworks journey, which Broadwick Live designed and curated, has exceeded all expectations. The goal of Broadwick is to create cultural centers with a lasting local influence and a global resonance by preserving, reimagining, and revitalizing abandoned industrial areas. With praise and success at Printworks in Canada Water, Broadwick has realized this. Printworks, which began as an experimental, ad hoc endeavor, has established itself as a premier global cultural destination and brand.

Along with Printworks, the Broadwick Live team is also responsible for Manchester’s Depot Mayfield, London’s Field Day festival, Beams, a hub for new culture, and the brand-new waterfront venue Dockyards. Additional venues will be revealed in due course.

Broadwick Live was founded in 2010 with the goal of making an impact through electronic music and electronic arts. The company is driven to produce pure yet potent live experiences in distinctive settings.

The labels, crews, collectives, DJs, live acts, artists, producers, staff members, and, most importantly, the guests who have been a part of the trip are all thanked on behalf of Printworks and Broadwick Live.

Dixon’s Transmoderna at Printworks
Dixon’s Transmoderna at Printworks