Swedish House Mafia Lucca Summer Festival Italy
Swedish House Mafia Lucca Summer Festival Italy

Swedish House Mafia played new version of Alicia Keys ID in Italy

The Swedish trio continues to tease their collaboration with Alicia Keys ‘Finally’, playing a new version during Lucca Summer Festival in Italy

Swedish House Mafia are back in Italy. Last night, the trio landed in Lucca, a lovely town in Tuscany, for the Lucca Summer Festival. Besides playing their iconic classics and well-known hits, the Swedish House Mafia played their collaboration with Alicia Keys as well. The tune is allegedly called Finally.

But, there’s a catch.

Swedish House Mafia ft. Alicia Keys - Finally (2024 Version) LIVE @ Lucca Summer Festival 2024

The song played wasn’t the same as it premiered some time ago. You would say that it’s normal to edit and finalize songs when they’re still unreleased, and we agree with that.

Swedish House Mafia and Alicia Keys collaboration was played for the first time in 2022. It has been played in San Francisco ahead of their Arena European tour at the end of 2022.

The new version, played during the Lucca Summer Festival, has slightly changed.

Alicia Keys confirmed the existence of the song sharing a video of it being played at Lucca Summer Festival. This is the first time she acknowledge the song.

Fans’ response was mainly positive with people saying “This is still the best thing they’ve made since the reunion. emotional, euphoric, beautiful.

The crowd during the event was fantastic as well, creating the right vibes for the show. The crowd was really hyped and the boys really felt that“. They even played some classics from fellow artists and the dancefloor reacted magnetically.

Overall it was an incredible night where the cherry on top were the new versions of the Alicia Key ID and Finally ID.