Third Party announces album launch party ‘Together’ LIIIVE at Liverpool Olympia

Third Party new album ‘Together’ is coming in 2019. To celebrate the release the UK duo will host a LIIIVE show at Liverpool Olympia on the 23rd of February.

It’s been a couple of weeks since the announcement of the completion of their second album. Third Party first album HOPE came out in 2017 and received massive support worldwide with millions of streams on Spotify. Now, the duo is back for another chapter in the form of their second album that, as the name of the party suggests, will be called ‘Together’.

Third Party ID new music LIIIVE Liverpool Olympia.
Third Party ID new music LIIIVE Liverpool Olympia.

‘Together’ is also the name of their new show, LIIIVE, that will kick off on the 23rd of February, next year, at Liverpool Olympia. This is not the first edition of LIIIVE, in fact, the concept was announced at the beginning of this year and it sees the light last April.

‘Together’ LIIIVE at Liverpool Olympia will be the launch party for their new album. During 2018, Third Party has already released singles extracted from the album as ‘Free’, ‘Midhnight’, ‘Come With Me’ and the last one ‘Remember’. With almost 3 million joint streams on Spotify, the four tracks dictate the patch of the new album.

The first-ever LIIIVE show went completely sold out and 2019 seems not to be outdone. Pre-order tickets for the ‘Together’ LIIIVE February date are now available online but Early Bird and Phase 1 tickets have sold out in just a matter of hours. 2nd phase tickets are still available but you need to be fast before they go away.

Below, you can find a sneak peek of what awaits you. It’s not the April LIIIVE show but, it’s very close to the concept that Third Party will bring, again at Liverpool Olympia. 23rd of February, 2019, Third Party presents ‘Together’ LIIIVE at Liverpool Olympia.

THIRD PARTY /THESTAGE - Liverpool Olympia - 01.04.17