Zamna Festival Tulum has postponed every event to April

"All artists and events are contracted and confirmed to perform in April in agreement with the authorities"

Zamna Tulum Festival Mexico
Zamna Tulum Festival Mexico

With a press release, Zamna Tulum has postponed the entire festival for April 2021. Every event included New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day parties have been rescheduled. You can still travel to Tulum according to local regulations.

It breaks our hearts to give this news. We’ve worked very hard this 2020, invested a lot of effort and dedication, we’ve endured stress, financial pressure and uncertainty. But after evaluating the current situation, we are forced to move our festival to April 2021.

Sadly, the image of Tulum is being affected, in the eyes of the World, by the negligence of some entrepreneurs to organise events without respecting health and safety protocols and without taking into account the epidemiological traffic light system of the state of Quintana Roo, seriously jeopardizing the health of citizens and the local economic recovery.

Amongst other things, it has caused an increase in the number of infections in Quintana Roo, resulting in the change of the federal traffic light (that was ALMOST GREEN) to orange, which leaves us no other option than to move our festival to April.

We would like to clarify that from the first day, we communicated that our events were linked to that epidemiological traffic light system. Whilst we have worked closely with the authorities to develop stringent, industry-leading Covid operational protocols, we invite everyone to reflect on the consequences of events that do not have the infrastructure and professionalism to take place safely, lacking social responsibility and awareness for the rest of the World.

All artists and events are contracted and confirmed to perform in April in agreement with the authorities. Zamna Festival is a unique event that brings together the best international artists with their fans in a paradisiacal setting in the jungle.

We are deeply sorry for the disappointment you all, like us, must feel but in just a few hours we will start to release the new dates and details.

We look forward to seeing you soon in Tulum.
Zamna Family.

Zamna Tulum was one of the very few New Year’s Eve events scheduled to go-ahead despite the pandemic thanks to a massive checking system on the guests. Unfortunately, as it’s happing around the world, even in Tulum the Covid-19 situation is getting worse and there are no longer the conditions to guarantee the safety of the guest.

As explained by the organization, tickets are still valid for the new dates in April, for any other date in 2021, our Winter Season 2022.