PEEKABOO drops ‘When I’m Gone’ including remixes

Detroit-based bass heavyweight PEEKABOO widened his sonic offering last year with the stunning emo trap tune “When I’m Gone” featuring emerging rapper XAELO.

Reviving the excitement around the release comes to an exceptionally stacked remix pack that features NGHTMRE, Ganja White Night, and Curbi. The three diverse methods honor the original’s beauty while breaking new territory.

Belgian duo Ganja White Night set the bar with an amazing re-imagination. The heartfelt melody floats above a dramatic opening composed of orchestral flourishes and subdued percussion shakers. The drops, which feature sharp vocal chops, futuristic stabs, and snarling wombs, offer a striking contrast. The appealing, almost pop-like sensibility of the “Who you going to love” refrain lends just the right amount of contrast to the creative sound design. The aggressive approach and expansive soundscapes at either end of Ganja White Night’s remix give it a hefty punch without compromising any of the feelings. From festival stages to dark nights alone, this remix is a fitting companion for any setting.

UK producer Curbi‘s club-ready interpretation changes the scene. “When I’m Gone” takes on an entirely new tone thanks to this heart-pounding four-on-the-floor techno heater. Pounded kicks and powerful percussion break through the gloomy textures and menacing tunes. With the changing backdrop, the voices acquire a new meaning and adopt a more violent and merciless look. The listener is transported into the depths of an abandoned warehouse by the thudding percussion, earth-shattering low-end, and rave-inspired stabs. Curbi embraces the idea of partying through the pain with undeniable results.

With an enormous new rendition of “When I’m Gone,” NGHTMRE completes the trifecta. The dismal keys are enhanced by the emotional weight of XAELO’s voice. The remix’s minimalist style allows it to veer into ballad territory, gradually tugging at listeners’ emotions and enveloping them in sadness. Huge, pulse-like synthesizers give way to glitchy, electronic drops that alternate between exquisite sentiments and an unreal air. The transcendent energy offers a brilliant contrast that intensifies the emotional response and fully engulfs listeners.

When I’m Gone (Remixes) brilliantly builds upon the framework created by PEEKABOO and XAELO while showcasing the production prowess of Ganja White Night, Curbi, and NGHTMRE.