Pete Tong Signs Up as Music Supervisor for Netflix Edm Film XOXO

Netflix has tapped Pete Tong as music supervisor for the subscription platform’s EDM-themed film XOXO.

The veteran British DJ, artist, radio host, label owner, executive and co-founder of the International Music Summit (IMS) is also a producer on the film alongside Joe Russell, Christopher Louie, Max Leitman, and Dan Shafer.

The film follows the story of six strangers as their worlds collide at an electronic music festival. Details are scarce at the time of writing but we can tell you that the film is directed by Christopher Louie, written by Dylan Meyer and stars Graham Phillips, Sarah Hyland, and Chris D’Elia.

Given that the film’s lead is best known for playing Ben 10 in a live action version of the kids TV show we’re not going to be putting our money on XOXO being EDM’s answer to Saturday Night Fever. We’ll keep our fingers crossed for you though, Pete.