Picture: Denis Horvat Diynamic Music

Denis Horvat prepared another installment of Diynamic’s Picture: series

Denis Horvat showcases another installment dor Diynamic’s Picture: series with a 6-track EP.

Picture: Denis Horvat’ is the fifth installment of Diynamic Music’s picture series, and as intended for the format, the Danish Croat meticulously demonstrates his versatility. From his high-energy night time anthems to more melancholic electronic ballads, this EP is suitable to home listening as well as club performance and everything that happens in between.

‘Picture: Denis Horvat’ kicks off with ‘Bajaka’, a super deep and minimal tune that features bubbling bassline and vocal loop creating and mysterious and hypnotic environment. This deep feeling continues with ‘The Silent Like’; clean kicks are perfectly mixed with long strings and minimal melodic rhythm. ‘Circkulate’ dig deeper into the listener’s soul with dark and intimate melodies. ‘Picture: Denis Horvat’ continues with ‘Devlin’, which follows the path traced by the previous tunes, bringing, even more, dynamicity thanks to fast percussions and the wide melody. After the increasing of energy brought by ‘Devlin’, ‘Mousse’ manage to ring back the deep and minimalistic rhythm and melody of the beginning. Closing with ‘Targa’, a soft journey made by relaxing melodies, slow percussions, and a mystic vocal, ‘Picture: Denis Horvat’ concludes the incredible journey.

Diynamic Music’s ‘Picture:’ series is a document in time, showcasing an artist’s current creative output in order to allow the listener to visualize and understand the artist at a certain moment. It is not an album format, but far more than merely an EP. “Picture:” is various dancefloor-oriented facets of one producer, shaping the imagery that ultimately results in the listener’s mind.

Diynamic Music’s ‘Picture: Denis Horvat’ is available here for the download. The Spotify stream is also an option, below.

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