Qùn party @Totem Club Vicenza
Qùn party @Totem Club Vicenza

No Boundaries: How Qùn Is Creating a Unique Sense of Community on the Dancefloor

A Night of House Music at Vicenza's Qùn, Featuring Marco Tropeano

If you’re looking for a night of good music and even better company, Qùn is the place to be. Held once a month at the Totem club in Vicenza, this party has become a staple of the local nightlife scene, attracting music lovers from all over the region.

At its core, Qùn is all about the people and the music. The party’s organizers have reimagined the traditional club setup by placing the DJ and the console in the middle of the dance floor, blurring the lines between performer and audience. This creates a feeling of community that is hard to find at other parties, where a stage or a DJ booth can create a sense of separation between the artist and the crowd.

This approach is inspired by the concept of Boiler Room, a popular music platform that streams live DJ sets from all over the world. By bringing this format to Vicenza, Qùn has created a unique experience that is both intimate and inclusive. The music ranges from house and techno to more experimental genres, with a focus on up-and-coming DJs and producers from Italy and beyond.

Marco Tropeano for Qùn

Marco Tropeano Qun party @Totem Club Vicenza
Marco Tropeano Qùn party @Totem Club Vicenza

Last week’s Qùn event was a standout night in this season’s Inferno-themed series. The guest DJ for the night was Marco Tropeano, a respected techno producer and DJ known for his dark, driving sound.

As the night progressed, Tropeano delivered an electrifying set that had the dancefloor pulsing with energy. His music was perfectly suited to the Inferno theme of the event, with tracks that evoked a sense of darkness and foreboding.

The crowd responded enthusiastically to Tropeano’s set, and there were several standout moments that had everyone in attendance locked into the groove. At one point, Tropeano dropped his collaboration with Franky Rizardo, Mucho Tiempo, which sent shockwaves through the crowd, causing a sea of hands to shoot up in the air in unison.

The Inferno theme of the night was reflected in the lighting and smoke effects, which bathed the dancefloor in a deep red light and created an eerie, otherworldly atmosphere. As the night went on and the music intensified, the crowd was transported to another realm, completely immersed in the sounds and visuals of the party.

Overall, last week’s Qùn event was a testament to the power of music to bring people together and create a sense of community and connection. Tropeano’s set was a highlight of the night, perfectly complementing the Inferno theme of the event and keeping the crowd engaged and energized from start to finish.

MARCO TROPEANO | DJ set live at Qùn | MARCH 2023