Rail strike Belgium July 27 Tomorrowland

Rail strike is going to hit Belgium in July the 27th, during Tomorrowland

The syndicat indépendant des cheminots (SIC) has indicated that it is maintaining the strike notice for Saturday, July 27.

Traveling from and to Tomorrowland could become harder this weekend, especially on Saturday because of a strike on the Belgian rail network.

The syndicat indépendant des cheminots (SIC) (independent railway workers’ union) has announced the strike for July, 27, to denounce a lack of recurrent staff among train attendants. The main concern is that many rail workers would not be able to take their vacations this summer, while it is not uncommon for planned days-off to be called off at the last minute to lack of available staff.

CIS spokesman Pascal Dumon said: “Our request is simple: get 15% of guaranteed leave and we are still hoping for a reaction from HR Rail and SNCB by Saturday.”

The second weekend of Tomorrowland is set to kick off this Thursday, with The Gathering. The festival will continue until Monday so, if you planned to reach the festival by train you need to re-plan your travel.

Will your train run on Saturday 27th July?

To find out, we recommend that you regularly consult the route planner (on this page) or the SNCB app, the day before your departure time.

For the once that will follow Tomorrowland at home, don’t forget to check the official live stream schedule. 4 dedicated videos channels and a 24h live radio are available all weekend long via this link. If you need more information about prizes at the festival, a tour of the stages, best sets and more, you just need to click one of the links.

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