Reinier Zonneveld joins BK for ‘Rampage’ on Filth on Acid

Intense and Emotionally Charged: A Four-Track Techno EP, Featuring Reinier Zonneveld Collaboration, from BK on Filth on Acid

Reinier & BK

Rampage” is a 4-track EP by BK, featuring a collaboration with Reinier Zonneveld, the label boss of Filth on Acid. The EP showcases BK’s signature driving techno sound and demonstrates the strength of his partnership with Zonneveld and the label.

Reinier Zonneveld is a Dutch DJ, producer, and label owner known for his signature blend of techno and melodic sounds. He teams up with BK on his latest release, “Rampage,” an explosive EP featuring four tracks of intense and driving techno. Released on Zonneveld’s own label, Filth on Acid, the EP is a testament to BK’s production skills and his ability to create music that is both hard-hitting and emotionally evocative. With “Rampage,” Zonneveld also demonstrates why he is one of the most exciting names in techno today, and why his label is quickly becoming one of the most influential imprints in the genre.

BK joins Reinier Zonneveld’s Filth on Acid for a massive new EP that includes three brand-new songs, one of which features the boss himself. BK has become an overnight sensation because of his ability to rapidly adapt his distinctive production approach to a DJ set in the club environment. He owns his own Nukleuz Records and gives techno a brand-new vigor.

The four tracks EP Rampage by Reinier Zonneveld and BK on Filth on Acid

Suis Moi by Reinier Zonneveld & BK begins with loping rhythms and flamboyant synth sounds. The dark vocal encourages you to dance while the synths light it up in a futuristic manner. Then, BK’s Rampage boasts heavy drums, crooked leads, and the kind of unadulterated techno fury that is certain to blow up the dance floor. With pent-up trance-techno energy and a powerful voice up top to truly blow the roof apart, Indecision picks up the tempo and speeds along on slick and sleek rhythms. The final weapon is another all-consuming, peak-time techno weapon called Control the Music.

You’ll want to lose control and rage on the dance floor after listening to this exceptional EP.